Friday, June 26, 2015

The State powerless to calm taxis and quit Uber – Le Figaro

Bernard Cazeneuve has taken legal action against UberPop but could not impose its immediate halt. He will receive taxis again on 3 July.

Crazy day Thursday in Paris and other major French cities. Snail operations, blockades of train stations and airports, but also scenes of violence have given a terrible image of France, which has toured the world on social media and television. Taxis that called for protest against UberPop, open the transport service of the Uber platform for non-professional drivers, have indeed made the show of force, mobilizing the attention of the entire country. But they have also undermined their cause by transforming certain roads or areas around Roissy urban guerrilla scenes. The day ended with ten arrests seven policemen injured, 70 vehicles and 30 depots degraded complaint. Manuel Valls denounced “unacceptable violence”.

For the government, the day was terrible, demonstrating its impotence as calm as taxis stop UberPop machine. Representatives of the first was received by Bernard Cazeneuve late afternoon … But he will receive them again on July 3, just as he will hold talks in the coming days with Uber, who wishes to explain Le Figaro Thibaud Simphal, the head of the company in France, “continue to offer solutions to arrange the context for urban mobility ‘.

In fact, the situation seems incredible . On one hand, as reiterated Thursday Interior Minister, “the government considers qu’UberPop is an illegal activity.” “From filibustering!”, Denounced a government source. On the other, the application is still active, its drivers in the street, connected clients … Uber even deployed its system in Marseilles, Strasbourg and Nantes in early June, bringing to eight the number of French cities where it operates.

The time for justice is not that of the land, especially when it is invested by a company in Silicon Valley who built within five years a world empire valued near $ 50 billion!

This aberrant situation where Uber seems openly defy the state partly explains the angry taxis. It results from a tempo problem: the time for justice is not that of the land, especially when it is invested by a company in Silicon Valley who built within five years a valued global empire near $ 50 billion!

Taxis demanding at all costs the ban UberPop. “We are in a state of law,” replied Bernard Cazeneuve, recalling that only a “court” can make this enforceable ban. The Minister of the Interior before the Paris prosecutor. The UberPop case is already the subject of an investigation that led police to search the premises of the company this winter. The prefects – including since Thursday the prefect of police in Paris – pronounced prohibitions. “It does not matter, warned the CEO of Uber France. This is a prefectural order, we will challenge it. “Police checks are multiplying. Bernard Cazeneuve warned Thursday that Uber Pop vehicle caught will now be “captured systematically.” The ministry also wants to suspend Uber recruitment operations. The courts penalize some drivers, while others are released. The brand hopes the government should have a deterrent effect on both drivers and customers.

So far, no court has definitively pronounced the illegality of Uber. The US company has appealed certain judgments, others are hanging with the opinion of the Constitutional Council …. The latter has already ruled on some points of detail, confirming or canceling certain privileges attached to taxi licenses in relation to the activity of VTC (transport cars with driver). But the Sages were seized Tuesday UberPop case. Uber hope they censor the name of free enterprise, the article of the law of Thévenoud 1 October 2014 which reserves the transport activity to taxis and VTC, thus excluding non-professional drivers like those of UberPop. The European Commission also promised to draft a directive by the end of the year. “The law Thévenoud clarified things between taxis and bikes. She found a good balance which must be given a chance. It is not about to come back now, “says one government. The violence Thursday by taxis against UberPop but also VTC suggest that this balance has not yet been found in reality.


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