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The radicalization selfie macabre, the secrets of Yassin Salhi – The Obs

He sent his last message from her cell phone with an application used by millions of teenagers around the world. It was Friday mid-morning from Saint-Quentin-Falavier. Just before going to rush his vehicle within the Seveso plant to cause a first explosion, Yassin Salhi connects to instant messaging WhatsApp. E-mail content: a photo taken in selfie, showing alongside the decapitated head of his victim. The head is then hung on a fence surrounded by flags where is written the Islamic profession of faith

Mail Recipient. A “Momo” as the correspondent is listed in the address book. The number is apparently connected to a Canadian identifier. The investigators of the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate of the Judicial Police (SDAT), the anti-terrorist section of the Paris prosecutor’s office and the General Directorate of Internal Intelligence (ISB) operate very quickly what selfie, perhaps in the form of classic terrorist signing in Daesh recruits. Some expose them as trophies on their Facebook pages, among other horrors jumble.

Sébastien-Younes, aka “Momo”

A correspondent in Canada, really? They also work on a hypothesis: “Momo” is the nickname of one of the best friends of Yassin Salhi, a longtime companion, known in Besancon and Pontarlier since gone to Syria. Investigators believe that the recipient would then be in the Iraqi-Syrian jihad zones and would be listed among the 473 French jihadists currently on site. This track is good.

As wrote the “Obs” Sunday afternoon, the operation of the mobile phone and computer Yassin Salhi research to establish that the selfie taken with the head of his boss murdered on Friday was actually sent to a recipient who is in Syria. “Momo,” the mysterious correspondent, is Sébastien-Younis, well known for police and intelligence services to have belonged to jihadist networks.

Born in Vesoul, this man named Sébastien-Younis is Party in November 2014 in Syria, joining Raqqa sector, where, according to sources close to the case, he would fight in the ranks of the organization Islamic State (EI). The shipment of this message is a key point to try to understand the attack in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier committed by this man of 35, described by his neighbors as quiet Saint-Priest. “A guy like him, do something like that, it’s still weird,” says one father in the same neighborhood. Another speaks of “discreet people.”


A year in Syria?

Pontarlier, his city of birth, in the Doubs, yet we remembered that he “dragged with bearded djellaba”, he was polite, but fleeing … This period of the early 2000 marks a turning point in any case. Yassin Salhi, born 25 March 1980 in Pontarlier, father, three children, delivery driver, also appears for the first time in 2004 in the radar of the intelligence services. It is noticed by the territorial intelligence service. Between 2006 and 2008, it is even the subject of an “S” form. It is then spotted again between 2011 and 2014 for its links with the Lyon Salafist movement.

Does he himself in Syria? On this point, two contradictory information will unravel: no official source has reported evidence that Yassin Salhi would have made the trip. It is only spotted twice during trips to Mecca and repeatedly to Morocco. His sister, to warn view, would have however claimed that Yassin Salhi could well have visited Syria in 2009. This stay lasted one year. The girlfriend of the suspect also gives this release. Both are described as Muslim practicing Islam “rigorous” but never “radical”. The portrait that emerges is that of a djhadiste radicalized in Besançon and convinced by the arguments of Daesh. But he himself refuted this version.

“A hybrid-type action”

Before the investigators, since Friday, Yassine Salhi ensures that its motivations are not linked to a dispute professional with his employer. A nothing. He not only refused his gesture is considered a religious act, but certainly not as a terrorist act. He wanted to “strike the mind”, he has told investigators. Having decided to loosen the teeth Saturday evening around 20 hours, the young 35 year old man told them that he had quarreled with his boss Hervé Cornara he beheaded by on. The fall of a pallet containing the price of goods is the cause of the dispute. The suspect also spoke of family problems: he would have argued with his wife the night before his passage to the act and this would have threatened to divorce … All this would have explained his gesture

. For now, it seems that it is an action of the hybrid type, committed by a man off axis, radical, and which combines the worries about work and family, says a source close to the matter. On both sides, there are elements which corroborate these theses “

Another source notes of” paradoxes “.

On the one hand he brandishes features flags the Islamic state, sends his photo in Syria and was signaled by the intelligence services. On the other, it is obviously poorly equipped for a terrorist and hits an almost domestic target, immediate opportunity “.

At home in Saint-Priest, investigators, currently have seized any weapons or explosives. Yassine Salhi remain in custody until Tuesday to custody before being presented to the judges. He has not yet revealed all its secrets.

Mathieu Delahousse, Violet Lazard, Celine Rastello (Saint Priest) and Bernice Rocfort Giovanni (in Besancon and Pontarlier)


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