Thursday, June 25, 2015

Taxis: “I call on all my colleagues to improve our image” – Le Point

They are a hundred to block this Thursday until 5:00 p.m. Place Denfert-Rochereau in the 14th arrondissement of Paris to denounce “unfair competition” on the part of UberPOP, a mobile transport at bargain prices, which connects passengers and non-professional drivers providing the service with their personal vehicles.

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The main demand of taxis: the UberPOP drivers are subject to the same legal obligations. In fact, they do not pay social security contributions or taxes or insurance (between 2 500 and 4 000 per year depending on taxis), and did not follow 250 hours of training to obtain a license. “New players arrive on the market without respecting the rules! This is unacceptable, “says a taxi driver, which adds duty also pay license and maintenance costs of vehicles that non-professional drivers are not obliged to pay. “We also have a ceiling of 11 hours of work to meet. The UberPOP drivers can drive up to 20 hours straight! “Says another taxi.

” Pay a hacker to neutralize the application “

Published in the Official Journal in October 2014, the law on taxis and chauffeured cars transport , called Thévenoud law has yet been barriers to progress UberPOP. Punishes drivers who are not registered as taxi drivers or VTC a sentence of up to one year imprisonment, 15 000 euros fine, suspension of the permit and the confiscation of the vehicle.

But the law did not prohibit the mobile application, which still today allows individuals to order UberPOP cars. “We have to block this application, says a taxi driver. This is the only solution to stop the activity of UberPOP. If the government does not do, it will pay a hacker to neutralize it. “

” The behavior of taxis is sometimes intolerable “

Many users are still using the UberPOP service. The motivations are especially the price – between 15% and 20% cheaper as taxi drivers – but also the service. “It is clear that some of our colleagues are unprofessional, recognizes a driver. We must review the delivery, dress codes, behavior. We have to accept more small strokes. Even at 7 euros the way, I win, I do it without problem. “

An occasional passing taxi and hears these words will prevail,” This is totally true! The behavior of taxis is sometimes unbearable. I got mugged several times by drivers. Since I no longer rises at all in taxis. “The driver retorted:” You also have to let people know that taxis are also attacked! But I hear the speech of this woman: I call on all my colleagues to improve our image. “Not sure that the clashes that marred the movement will have contributed.


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