Sunday, June 28, 2015

Manuel Valls: We can not lose the war of civilizations … – Le Figaro

“France faces a major terrorist threat he will fight in duration,” said the Prime Minister, for whom “Daesh attacks the universal values”.

It was his first public statement since the attacks in Isère and Tunisia. Manuel Valls on Sunday was the guest of the Great Rendezvous Europe 1, I-TV and the World. Intended as “lucid and coherent,” the Prime Minister predicted a long struggle and without borders against terrorism. Here’s what he had learned from his interview:

• The terrorist threat in France. “We live in a major terrorist threat he will fight in duration. We live in a world where the threat is constant, constant in its very high level, constant over time. ” For the Prime Minister, “the fight against terrorism, jihadism and radical Islam is a civilization of war that we can not lose.” And to sum up: “There is a willingness to tackle Daesh our universal values. These jihadists are fighting not the West but universal values. “

This” battle “is” too, and it’s very important to say, within Islam. Between one side an Islam to humanist values, universal and the other an obscurantist and totalitarian Islamism seeks to impose its vision on society, “Manuel Valls repeated. “And I remember and I always remember that the first victims of this terrorism are Muslims,” ​​he continued.

• Means to par. Sweeping criticism from some on the right and the extreme right, Manuel Valls said that the means of intelligence and security implemented to prevent jihadist attacks were “up to this threat.” “30,000 policemen and military policemen assigned to guard 5,000 scene, he detailed. “We will create 1 830 additional posts, including 900 dedicated to intelligence.” “Our best weapon is that of the rule of law and democracy”.

• Salafism, antechamber of radicalization. “This conservative vision of Islam is often the antechamber of radicalization, and radicalization, it can lead to terrorism”, noted the tenant of Matignon, while warning against the amalgams. According to Prime Minister, 5,000 Europeans currently fighting with the jihadists. They could be 10,000 by the end of the year.

• Strengthening support to Tunisia. “Terrorism wanted to hit Tunisia because it is a country that has a successful democratic revolution that spread radical Islam, who managed the Arab Spring that follows the democratic and secular values “analyzed the Prime Minister. And announce: “We are ready to increase our security cooperation, including the border with Libya can be better protected.” “An action plan in the field of security has been prepared with the Tunisians training, supplies of experts to the police, cooperation in the field of special forces. Discussions are under way on the Tunisian needs helicopters.

• “reactionary bloc that wants to divide the French in 2017.” For Manuel Valls, the major issue of 2017 oppose “those who want to separate,” “dividing people, neighborhoods, territories” and “the forces, I believe the majority” who want “to live the values ​​of the Republic”. And lament: “The far right, populist, what I would call the reactionary bloc want to exploit the issue of Islam for electoral purposes.” “Let us be proud of our country,” urged the Prime Minister that “the left has to take the company up and meet history.” “The left is movement, it is the opposite of stagnation”.

• Make space for taxis and bikes. “There is room for everyone in this profession. The number of taxis and such services is increasing, “said Manuel Valls. However, the service is UberPOP indeed “illegal”, he insisted. “The entrepreneurial freedom, yes, the law of the jungle, never. The drivers of UberPop are “neither artisans taxis or auto-entrepreneurs”, a system that promotes “undeclared work and social and fiscal dumping.”

• “Real risk exit “of Greece from the eurozone. “Obviously, if there was a negative response to the referendum, there is a real risk -it must also tell the truth, not only the French, the Europeans, but first since the Greeks it is they who will vote on Sunday prochain- exit the euro zone. ” But Manuel Valls assured that the French economy “would not be affected” by this scenario.


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