Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Faced with Marine Le Pen, Aubry must fight – Challenges.fr

This time, it should not shirk facing Marine Le Pen that comes stomping the flat strips of what was once a garden of electing socialists. PS, we will push, pull and also the Elysée and Matignon and therefore in the locals for it embarks on the difficult battle of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy, but it will be “a Battle of France. ” Sensational. Uncertain. “Lost in advance”, lament certain aubrystes. But “the only battle that we lose, likes to say Manuel Valls, are those we do not book.” So, remember she finally it is the heir of Pierre Mauroy, who never fled essential confrontations or she will definitely be the daughter of Jacques Delors, who escapes his fate? She will remain stashed away from its belfry Lille, but that would be the mausoleum of retirement, or she will risk a fighter that would restore a role and a chandelier she lost? Does it give reason to the Dutch who sneer “Aubry is all safe” or she will consolidate her last and so few faithful who would like to finally see this appointment with history?

The socialist majority assailed

To his friends, for his enemies as elsewhere, it is even the last card that could bring down the mayor of Lille, who just loose federation of Northern PS. A trump card. “Because we finally say, says it will rue de Solferino, she has courage, she embarks on a battle is far from won, but where it is in the future as the honor of the left “. It is not possible even reproached him defeat. Because polls underline how the socialist majority has become a minority in their land.

A few strongholds still hold in the mining area and against usury and corruption of the old a new generation appeared with particular MP Nicolas Bays, mayors Lievin Laurent Duporges or Lens Sylvain Robert, but these need a list head of another dimension stone Saintignon. A relative of Martine Aubry and shadow worker who did nothing unworthy. But regional election took another scale with the entry of Marine Le Pen in the running and formidable fighter activism Xavier Bertrand. These are not the only local themes that will be necessary, but national obviously that will burn the news. The media will make this clash a pre-presidential issue where the left will be excluded if Martine Aubry does not rise fissa front line.

to gather only the left

If it remained in second place, then it is likely to carry the weight of a terrible defeat, although some will be right to blame government policy. He will remain as the mayor of Lille and former boss of the PS will be removed from his militant obligations. It makes loyalty to his profession commitments would appear always as having disowned like the shirkers villipende it.

Martine Aubry today, very many people are going remind him in the coming days, is the only one in a position to create a dynamic assembly with the left. Alternative applications that continue to be raised, Sports Minister Patrick Kanner or former Transport Minister Frederic Cuvelier, are not able to reverse the table and all that. Only Martine Aubry could carry with it ecologists, who have indicated to their favorable provisions. It could create momentum now absent, and break the spiral of defeat looming. It would also provide proof to the undertaker dead too eager that it “is not over,” she can still embody hope. While conversely discard its possible would be a further sign of the demobilization of a left walking for election as to the slaughterhouse.

For the mayor of Lille it is no longer time to distribute waffles nicely to its visitors, as usual (excellent ones stamped Meert incidentally), but d ‘inflict Marine Le Pen. It is the Mother confectioner need, but the “Mother Tape Dur” we once knew.


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