Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A kindergarten teacher in custody for “violence … – Le Figaro

Fifteen children placed under the responsibility of the teacher since the 2014 return were the subject of bullying and humiliation. 48 years old, she is currently covered by twelve complaints.

Tapes on the neck, shaking, anxiety of “closet witch” … “The list is endless” denounces a student mom, spokesman of a group of parents whose children attend school in a small section in kindergarten Feytiat, near Limoges (Haute-Vienne), were Victims of bullying and humiliation by their teacher. The latter, aged 48, was taken into custody Wednesday.

It is talking with other parents, this mother, who wished to remain anonymous, s’ realized that several small “past due”. “My daughter was educated at the last school year, two and a half years. She was delighted to go to school. But in October, she became unrecognizable as extinct, “says the mother, citing” depressive symptoms “detected by physicians.

For five months, the juvenile was investigating the case. To date, twelve complaints were filed, and fifteen people were heard, according to investigators. Since September 2014, fifteen children placed under the responsibility of the teacher were subjected to “physical and psychological abuse”, including three in particular, said the group formed by the parents.

For several weeks the teacher no longer comes into class. The school district informed parents in the spring “that an agreement had been reached with the teacher who is on sick leave and not return to school,” says the spokesman of the collective. But parents have decided to complain saying that “this woman had no place in Education. “It is unthinkable that it returns from children anywhere,” protested the spokesman of the collective. Since the departure of their mistress, children are better. But “it is necessary for us to go through with the procedure for recognition of the trauma endured by our children and denounce the silence of the officials to whom we entrust their future.”

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