Thursday, June 25, 2015

The mobilization of taxi violence against UberPop enamelled – Le Figaro

VIDEO / PICTURES – The day of mobilization taxis was marred by violence. A dozen people were arrested. Update on overflows.

Blocking train stations and airports, Law enforcement taken part, car transport with driver (VTC) being targeted: nearly 3000 angry taxis protested Thursday against the “fierce competition” from mobile UberPOP, creating significant disruptions and sometimes violent clashes. According to the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, a dozen people were arrested “in connection overflows observed during protests of taxi drivers, seven police officers were injured,” “70 vehicles have been adversely affected” including during clashes between taxi drivers UberPOP and 30 complaints were received.

Porte Maillot , in the northwest of Paris, taxis stormed and vans torched two drivers VTC, leading to the intervention of CRS and firefighters, in an acrid smell of smoke, with rattling roar of firecrackers and overturned garbage cans.

In the seventeenth arrondissement of Paris , two taxi drivers were arrested on suspicion of throwing stones at the security forces.

In the fourteenth district of Paris , another taxi was arrested for sprayed with tear gas a VTC driver stopped at a light.

Roissy , three people were arrested and placed in custody, according to Philippe Riffaut, prefect delegated to Roissy and Le Bourget. One of them is a taxi driver arrested after throwing a stone on a police motorcyclist, another VTC is a driver who knocked down and slightly injured three people, restarting the vehicle after a crash. The third man is a conductor “UberPOP” placed in custody for “illegal practice of the profession taxi”.

Orly airport, strikers hunted for illegal drivers. A driver VTC was taken into custody in the morning after forcing a taxi dam, dropping a ground demonstration. A motorcycle taxi driver was arrested for his part for making use of pepper spray against a taxi demonstrator.

Lyon Eight people were arrested, including three drivers who could match the accused of a violent assault of a client UberPOP this weekend, according to a police source. “There was an altercation this morning of a so-called driver UberPOP six taxi drivers, who saw everywhere, told this source. They rocked the car, spat and were arrested as part of an identity check. “” In the lot, could correspond to three video recordings of the suspects of the assault, “she added . In the night from Saturday to Sunday in Lyon, a young man was severely beaten when he should have informed a taxi driver who refused to transport he would appeal to UberPOP service.


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