Monday, June 29, 2015

Ségolène Royal’s advice for living well heatwave – TF1

To take refuge in air-conditioned places, wet body and clothes … The Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development Ségolène Royal Monday unveiled several tips and measures to fight against the heat wave .

First, the Minister announced the “mobilization” air conditioned public areas to relieve sufferers of the announced heat wave. They wish that people “can come sit.” Ms Royal particularly cited “commercial galleries, cinemas, libraries”. “An inventory will be done in all areas.”

“If wrapped in wet towels and sponges are placed in an air current”

Ségolène Royal also said that “public information was to be held, especially on the most effective actions” to take. “You have to wet the hair, head, body, she said. In previous plans heatwave, it was recommended to drink a lot but to lower the temperature of the vulnerable, children and the elderly, we must up to wrap in wet towels and sponges are placed in an air stream, is really what helps anticipate accidents. ”

One of the recommendations of the Minister drew particular attention of Internet users: the wet clothes. Some wanted to see, with humor, an incentive to organize wet t-shirt contest.

Video: Touraine announces the opening of a platform for advice


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