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VIDEO. Hollande, Sarkozy and Chirac since the NSA spied on by … – The Express

On the eve of the final vote in the Assembly on the draft intelligence law, these new revelations of Wikileaks on Tuesday evening might be a bomb. The site alerts launcher published in collaboration with Libération and Mediapart, several documents show that the US spied the French presidency for over 10 years … As they made with Germany.

The three presidents were not the only ones to be spied: ministers, senior government officials, parliamentarians and French diplomats were also monitored by telephone, according to confidential documents from the National Security Agency ( NSA) obtained by WikiLeaks.

“An open secret”

According to Mediapart, Libération and WikiLeaks, interceptions of US intelligence were spread in less from 2004 to 2012. “But nothing says they have not started earlier and are not continued since,” explained the journalists.

& gt; & gt; All found our file: NSA listened Elysee according WikiLeaks

Of course, everyone knows that the US has long been touting the world, and even “allies”. But this time “information is proved by documents” justifies Mediapart. Above all, the scale of the espionage was found.

Francois Hollande and Jean-Marc Ayrault spied in May 2012

A report of 22 May 2012 the NSA made clear reference to such a conversation between Francois Hollande and Jean-Marc Ayrault May 18 … Either three days after his presidential election. The president and his then Prime Minister evoke the organization of “secret consultations” with the German opposition around the possible exit of Greece from the eurozone.

As you can see from the above document, the note contains many words: “TS”, “IF”, “NF” and “unconventional”, respectively meaning that the document is “top secret “, that the information was obtained by” electronic signals interception “, he must in any case be” shared with foreign countries “and that it is a transaction” unconventional “.

Not to mention an intriguing statement, notes Mediapart: “Foreign Satellite”, which means that the telephone interception was carried out by non-US equipment German … And so, as most suspect since weeks?

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Sarkozy, Chirac, Moscovici … All targets spyware

But the current tenant of the Elysee was not the only one who had the honor of being spied on by the American secret agents. Nicolas Sarkozy and Jacques Chirac, as the former socialist economy minister and current European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici as the former Ambassador of France Pierre Vimont in Washington have been targeted, adds Mediapart.

As shown another confidential document NSA published by WikiLeaks, written between 2007 and 2012, the personal portable Nicolas Sarkozy, those of diplomatic adviser Jean-David Levitte, the secretary general of the Elysee Claude Gueant, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Bernard Valero, that of a responsible Quai d’Orsay, or the Minister for Foreign Trade Pierre Lellouche were also tapped.

Jacques Chirac spied Philippe Douste-Blazy mocked

Jacques Chirac was not spared. A top secret document explains how the former president of the Republic in 2006 pushed Philippe Douste-Blazy, Minister of Foreign Affairs at the time, for the post of Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. Note crisp NSA, Philippe Douste-Blazy, has a “propensity [...] to inaccurate or inappropriate declarations” says Libération .

The French government, which had remained almost without reaction following the accusations of espionage in Germany by the United States and of France by Germany, should not this time stay dumb face these revelations. What is less certain, however, is that they change anything to the information law.


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