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Attack in Isère: disorders motivations Yassin Salhi – The World

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Yassin Salhi, suspect in the deadly attack in Isère, near his home Sunday 28 June.

Yassin Salhi, the main suspect in the murder and decapitation of his employer and an attempted attack against kamikaze a Seveso company Isere, Friday, June 26, he was animated by a sense of personal revenge crossed with suicidal impulses or actual terrorist intent? After remaining silent in custody for over 24 hours, 35-year father finally admitted the facts on Saturday night, while laying the disorder on his motives.

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Yes, he has murdered Cornara Hervé, head of the transport company with whom he had had an argument two days earlier. Yes, he has beheaded before exposing his head on a fence of the entrance to the plant Air Products. Yes, he has dark voluntarily his vehicle against a factory shed filled gas cylinders to explode all. But no, Yassin Salhi refuses to be considered a terrorist, since claims to have beheaded his employer just before “throw his head” against the fence for “strike minds” .

Les statements of the suspect are still very confused. Having told investigators that his passport was at home, where they found nothing, he eventually claim to have “burned during a stay in Morocco.” Several elements the investigation led by the anti-terrorist section of the Paris prosecutor, however, are further validated the thesis staff disputes. An employee of the transport company ACT, where Yassin Salhi working since March, reported a violent dispute broke out between the suspect and his boss two days before the facts. Yassin Salhi had dropped a pallet of computer equipment, which was roundly criticized Vallue him.

In custody, the young man also said he had had a domestic fight with his woman the day before his passage to the act, and that the latter had threatened to divorce. According to a source close to the investigation, Yassin Salhi reproached his wife of not being religious enough.

A “selfie” for Syria

Other factors point however to always act in a terrorist dimension. The men of the Anti-Terrorism Sub-Directorate (SDAT) and the Directorate General of Internal Security (ISB), co-seized of the investigation, found two photos in the portable Yassin Salhi. The first represents the head of the victim. The second is a “selfie” a macabre self-portrait taken off the head.

This is the last picture that the young man was sent via the WhatsApp application to one of his contacts, a Sébastien V. Younis, because it is his “only friend” and leave “a trace of his gesture” , he explained. A native of Besançon, where Yassin Salhi lived until he moved into the Rhone last year, this individual flew to Syria in the fall of 2014 and would be in connection with jihad candidates from Vesoul (Haute -Saône), where his parents live. The investigators went Sunday at home.

This visit, and the operation of computers and suspect phones will learn a little about the role of Sebastian V. Younis in the passage to the act of Yassin Salhi. It is already clear, said a source close to the investigation, that it is with this individual that the suspect had complained of a lack of religiosity of his wife shortly before their domestic dispute.

“The question is whether Yassin Salhi sent this photo to the person of his closest entourage jihadist circles to promote his criminal act, or if it was a claim thoughtful approach, even encouraged from abroad “, says a source close to the investigation.

Mobile staff mentioned by the suspect he is merely a defense strategy or a sincere confession unbalanced wished that “value” his crime by giving him a jihadist coloring? The fact that no terrorist organization has yet claimed the attack Sunday night calls for individual action and uncoordinated. Like the basic logistics – a knife, a fake gun and a vehicle – and the proximity of its target: his boss and the factory he used to deliver

“It was the war”

The testimony of his former teacher of free fight (a relatively violent combat sport), reported by Le Parisien , portrays a man with a split personality, which released “incredibly soft” but could show violently erruptif:

“During the fight in front to face, he let typing without reacting, without protecting his face. And then after a few minutes he exploded in anger and hitting in all directions with unprecedented fury. It was dangerous to himself and others. He did not fight: it was war. “

The thesis staff disputes sublimated into attack is a test case for the services dedicated to the fight against terrorism. Decapitation “decorated” with religious inscriptions followed an attempted firing of a sensitive plant may be regarded as a purely personal approach, devoid of political aims? In any case against these elements that the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, on Friday opened an investigation in flagrante delicto for terrorism.

Under the Penal Code, any “ invasion Life “human or” degradation “of property for the purpose of ” seriously disturb public order by intimidation or terror “ is an act terrorism. Judging by the political reaction and the media frenzy of the day Friday, the action of Yassin Salhi has indeed spread terror in the country. Like the voluntary crash in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence A320 Germanwings 24 March. But unlike Yassin Salhi, the German co-driver Andreas Lubitz gave no political or religious reading of his act.

“irrational process”

Yassin Salhi, he staged his crime on the basis of the methods of the Islamic state. It is also known to intelligence services for ten years for its relations with radicalized elements, as shown by the recipient’s profile selfie. “In the current state of the investigation, it looks like a long radicalized individual in whom a sudden murderous and suicidal impulse triggers a tinted irrational process of jihadism. As if the urge to murder preceded the terrorist intent “, a senior interpreter of the national police. The fact that the suspect is afforded the banners of its implementation macabre scene shortly before his passage to the act, however, calls for a premeditated act

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“We’re closer to a Bertrand Bilal [the young man shot in December after assaulting police officers with a knife to the police station Joué- lès-Tours] as Kouachi brothers, summarizes another source close to the investigation. But we are not in the attack of Dijon (a reckless driver on heavy psychiatric history who had dark in the crowd, killing thirteen injured). This is a hybrid profile, low signal, radicalized but not considered dangerous, psychologically fragile, which may be activated alone. “

This profile, s it is confirmed by the investigation, is not the least disturbing. Intelligence services fear for months that the current climate and the impact of gruesome videos of the Islamic state on weak minds unbalanced incentives to do their morbid impulses legitimized under the guise of Jihad.

The custody Yassin Salhi, who was transferred in the evening at the headquarters of SDAT, in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), can last until Tuesday. Those of his wife and sister have them lifted. His next statement, the investigation of personality as well as investigations into the nature of his relationship with Sebastian V. Younis will probably make more light on the real motive of the attack on Friday.

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