Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A policeman who was driving drunk condemned – Le Figaro

A police officer, driving a car and drunk, had overthrown in 2013 a sexagenarian, the seriously injuring, was sentenced today to 12 months in Marseille suspended sentence and one year of disqualification. The Marseilles Criminal Court found him guilty of “all matters referred to prevention”, including unintentional injuries and lack of control.

He noted during the deliberations the “atypical and dangerous driving and agglomeration in work zone “of the accused, more in a state of” manifest drunkenness “, dismissing the arguments of the defense, which had put the high BAC measured three hours after the event, on behalf of a alcohol after the accident. At the hearing, the accused said his blood alcohol was due to “six to eight glasses of whiskey” bus after returning home.

This policeman Banditry Repression Brigade of driving with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit and was traveling at a speed of 60-70 km / h on a road limited to 50 km / h. Three agents were present in the vehicle, in addition to the defendant. They had shared a meal and drinking. The victim had been mowed in a street in the center of Marseille, in January 2013, while she was on the sidewalk, after abrupt handbrake hit the police car.

Asked the reason that prompted the officer to make the brake abruptly, the accused claimed that he wanted to avoid a child crossing the street. According to the defense, witnesses spoke about the presence of this child, which is disputed by the plaintiffs. “It is clear that this is one of your colleagues who pulled the emergency brake,” said their lawyer. “The defendant attempts to cover his superiors, he is alone, shelved here in the office and to pay for the boys,” he added.


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