Sunday, June 28, 2015

In Isère, a rally to denounce the senseless violence – BBC

Nearly three hundred people from different communities came together on Sunday in front of the mosque in Villefontaine, neighboring town of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, in homage to the victims of Friday’s attacks.

Special correspondent in Villefontaine (Isère)

Muslims, Jews, Christians, atheists. They are there to show that “living together” is, and must continue, despite the events. All speak with one voice on Sunday in the courtyard of the Mosque of Villefontaine. Gathered at the call of the Muslim authorities in the region, between two and three hundred people wish to express their sympathy for the victims of the attacks occurred Friday in the neighboring town of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, but also in Tunisia and Kuwait. All also like to say how these “barbaric acts” have the rebels.

“All the French are now humiliated and shocked by the recent events. Bruised know that many victims have yet perished in senseless violence perpetrated by madmen. Islam can not and should not be associated with it, ‘says Ahmed Hamlaoui, rector of the Mosque of Villefontaine.

In the audience of the faithful of the place of worship, come spontaneously or remained after prayers. Ines and Khouloud two young inhabitants of Mions, in the Lyon suburbs, have been thirty minute ride to be present: “We were shocked by Friday’s events, like all French. Despite the fact that people spend their time looking for division patterns, we must be united. We are French, Muslim, and we live our faith in respecting others, loving our fellow man. Being Muslim is to show humanity in everyday life. We are here for, tonight. To convey a message of peace. “

Along with Muslims on Sunday, as so often in this North Isere region where religious bodies maintain them strong ties, many representatives of the Christian community came to give them their support: “Relations between followers of different religions exist here, everyday. These terrorist attacks committed in the name of radical Islam, undermine Muslims. That is why it is important for us to be with them today, in this mosque. To demonstrate that we must continue to live together in peace. It should not be any confusion, “said a small group of retirees from the Tour du Pin. One of them said: “I live in a neighborhood in which people are very mixed. Everything always goes very well between us. This must continue. “

Among the crowd, many elected officials are there, too, and welcome the invitation to the rally initiated by the Muslim authorities. The local mayor, Raymond Feyssaguet, worries for his part the consequences of these attacks: “Our Muslim friends are hard hit by what just happened. They too are victims, may again be singled out, wrongly accused of being responsible. Avoid it, do not fall into the trap. “

A gathering like an echo to the three attacks that shook the world again Friday. But also to the words of Manuel Valls on Sunday in the media. “No, we are not in a war of civilizations. There is no confrontation between religions. And there is no conflict between civilizations, “says the imam, before requesting a minute of silence.


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