Monday, June 22, 2015

The controversy surrounding a Muslim grocery store that wanted to separate … – TF1

Jean-Baptiste Michalon converted to the Islam for three years, had a strange idea to combine his practice of religion and his business. This young Muslim owner of a grocery store 24 years has simply decided to establish any separate opening days for men and women. In the “brothers”, the weekday, the “sister”, the days of the weekend, reports West which broke the story Monday.

This initiative is not discriminatory only punishable by three years in prison and 45,000 euros fine but it was unanimously criticized. So the young man finally decided Monday to withdraw his placard. It provides not refusing the entrance of his business, located in a popular area in person and he did not know it was illegal.

“We put it in place at the request of ‘sisters’, who preferred when my wife behind the counter [...] It is a store where there are clothes, “is it justified to AFP. “That was for an informed public that knows that our practice of religion [Muslim, note] does not allow the mix.” A France Bleu, he continued: “I thought it was easier Woman uncomfortable with men, it’s my wife who comes to serve with a man, they can get to know, and here.. can go on adultery stories. It is an incentive to sin. “

” We have never seen that even at the time of the prophet “

Asked by France 3 Aquitaine, the imam of Bordeaux has condemned this vision of Islam. “We even never seen that at the time of the Prophet,” has he rebelled “The markets were mixed. It seems a bit odd in a world where diversity is an established culture.”

The Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, has also strongly criticized the initiative and called “the competent authorities to take up this issue in order to stop such discriminatory practices and implement the measures provided by law for such circumstances. ” In a statement, and on Twitter, the elected Republicans said condemning “firmly behavior in total contradiction with the republican rules of equality and diversity”

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