Monday, June 22, 2015

The former hostage of AQIM Serge Lazarevic: in France, “my life is still … – TF1

Almost every sentence is punctuated by a “but”. Six months after regaining freedom, Serge Lazarevic trouble finding a peaceful existence. A feeling that the old hostage AQIM Sahel has felt on his arrival in France when it welcome by François Hollande and Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian . “I was happy to be back of course (…) but my world, it was not theirs. Moi I was in a kind of journey, a transition. Finally, it is difficult to explain. J ‘was with them but not with them, “recalls the fiftieth iTélé on Monday.

The suite was just as difficult for him. “The first day is the red carpet. The second is the kick in the ass. It’s horrible, but it’s like that,” said he, adding that “s’ expected better but … “” Ecstatic “the first 15 days following his release, Serge Lazarevic” regained strength that he had not had for three, four years. ” This is after he “collapsed” and “saw that [his] way of the cross was only just beginning.” “It’s a kind of tunnel. I do not go out. I can not get out. Here I seem much but inside it is a kind of volcano,” he continues.

“With my daughter, it was a little angry”

Serge Lazarevic says it even was “best in Mali because at least I knew why I was there.” “I was tortured every day, I was a kind of human folly,” he explains. In France, he “expected a help” that does not come. What makes him say that “here [his] life is destroyed even more than before.” Starting with its ties to his family. If “the family is happy,” the former hostage wished to distance. “They have their lives. I move away a little from me, all because I did not want them involved in my life. They too were affected psychologically. All. It was hard,” Does highlights -it.

Ditto for his daughter Diana, who fought for his release. “It will take time to recover. That’s why I said ‘get away’. There was even a little angry. But it’s better for her because I wanted to preserve it. It did not need to take care of Dad, Dad was there, “he said. His future? He did “not see”. “I still live day to day,” he says. He concluded: “I do not know how long I’m going to get over all this, but I think it will take a few years.”

VIDEO ARCHIVE. Serge Lazarevic on his arrival in France

VIDEO. Serge Lazarevic, “I was no longer a free man”


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