Monday, June 29, 2015

Cazeneuve: ten imams “hate preachers” expelled … – The Express

“We have expelled since 2012 forty preachers of hatred and imams. In the previous five years, he had been expelled fifteen,” said Monday on Europe1 the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

“Since the beginning of the year, there are 22 cases that are under investigation, and dozens of imams and preachers of hate who were expelled,” a-t- he adds. All “hate preacher who intended to remain in France, if he will be expelled abroad, I always do,” said the minister.

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Expertise The current records

Asked about the government’s desire to close the hundred Salafist mosques, some of which feed the terrorist jihadism, he replied “if there are associations that manage these mosques and all of whose members are pursuing an objective appeal to hatred and incitement to terrorism, these mosques will be dissolved.” Records are currently being expertise, said Bernard Cazeneuve.

In addition, he insisted, “there have been complaints filed criminal every time it was found that a person called to hatred in mosques in France.”

Yassin Salhi, alleged jihadist who confessed to killing and beheading his boss Friday in Isère, was radicalized in Pontarlier, Doubs, in the early 2000s in contact with a man suspected of planning attacks in Indonesia with al-Qaida militants.

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“There is no doubt (from the suspect, ie) incentives whose reality is personal, but there is a symbolism which it borrows all the most horrible images, the most abject terrorism, “said Bernard Cazeneuve.

The interior minister will visit the day in Sousse in Tunisia, where an attack against a hotel killed 38 Friday.


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