Thursday, June 25, 2015

UberPOP against taxis: a day of demonstrations and bastons – L’Express

snails Operations, blockades of train stations and airports, competing cars being targeted: nearly 3000 taxis protested against the success of UberPOP, which, by an application for mobile phones, allows to link individuals to make journeys.

Many violence

It is a scene among others related by AFP. Porte Maillot, in western Paris, UberPOP a driver is arrested by taxi drivers. They coax from the vehicle, break his mirrors and throw a large firecracker into the back seat. A CRS in extremis support prevents reverse the UberPOP car.

Transport terminals were blocked, causing major traffic problems. At the exit from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, tourists were suprised to see riot police charging protesters who retorted by throwing stones. Some on board were surprised UberPOP on social networks being targeted by striking taxi drivers. Among them, the singer and widow of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, who did not hesitate to publicly challenge Francois Hollande.

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What assessment for this day of action

? early evening, Bernard Cazeneuve announced the arrest of ten persons “under the excesses seen during the protests of taxi drivers.” The Chair added that seven policemen were injured and 70 vehicles have been adversely affected in particular during clashes between taxi drivers and UberPOP. 30 complaints have been filed.

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 A taxi with the slogan & quot; & quot ;, Uber emerges in Marseille.

A taxi with the slogan” Uber emerges “in Marseille. -Christine POUJOULAT

What did the government do?

“I call on all those in the action taking no violence “, launched in early afternoon Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve multiplied the strength of gestures. referral to the public prosecutor of Paris against UberPOP and prohibition order of business in the Paris area. The police prefecture (PP) Paris immediately responded with a decree banning the UberPOP activity in the capital. Finally, UberPOP vehicles will “systematically seized” when they will be taken into flagrante delicto, added Bernard Cazeneuve.

From Bogota, where he was on official business, Manuel Valls condemned “with the utmost severity” violence “unacceptable” that occurred during the Paris demonstration. The “authors (the violence), found in both camps, since there are two camps, must be prosecuted and will be prosecuted,” said the Prime Minister.

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 Another alleged VTC, returned and vandalized by angry taxis in Paris, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

Another alleged VTC, returned and vandalized by angry taxis in Paris, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

REUTERS / Charles Platiau

What now?

During the day, the leaders of the taxi unions called to “continue the movement” without giving further details. That was before the announcement of the referral of UberPOP cars if their driver were to be caught.

Above all, the movement of drivers . taxi seems divided and undecided After initially “refused to go to Matignon” unable to meet Manuel Valls, taxis ultimately went up Beauvau

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