Sunday, June 28, 2015

The suspect of the attack in Isère admits killing – The Obs

PARIS (Reuters) – The man accused of the attack Friday in St. Quentin Fallavier, in Isère, admitted killing his boss and sent a macabre photo to a French party in Syria, a- was learned Sunday sources familiar with the matter.

The recipient number of the photograph he had taken with the head of his victim was identified as that of a man named Sébastien-Younis, a French party last year in Syria, is it said.

The delivery driver 35, identified by the name of Yassin Salhi, is accused of murdering Cornara Hervé, 54 whose decapitated body was found on the premises of the company.

“He claims to have killed him in a parking lot,” he does one source said on Sunday close to the case.

Yassin Salhi, arrested by firefighters on the Air Products factory site under attack and then placed in custody in Lyon, had been silent until Saturday but began Sunday “to explain the facts of the circumstances,” is it a judicial source said.

Investigators seek to know precisely what happened before his arrival at the site, where his movements were recorded by two cameras, especially when projected against a vehicle gas canisters, causing no casualties.

The headless body of Hervé Cornara was found beside the vehicle and head hung on a fence surrounded by two flags with the inscription in Arabic the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith.

He admitted having killed Sunday in a parking lot before beheading him and to go to Air Products.


The review of his laptop showed Saturday that he had his picture taken with the head of the victim and had sent This “selfie” to a correspondent in Canada via the WhatsApp application.

It turned out Sunday that the number saved under a very common first name in the phone Yassin Salhi is that of a French called Sébastien-Younis.

A native of Besançon, Franche-Comté, the French left Syria in 2014 and “was the latest in Rakka” in northern Syria, about 200 km east of Aleppo, has said does one source close to the case.

The police had conducted searches Saturday in the known environment, present or past, Yassin Salhi and already spotted a person likely to be a party in Syria.

Meanwhile, they redid Sunday with the alleged perpetrator of the attack the course as he had described them. They went to the parking lot where he said he killed his employer before beheading him and then to the Air Products factory.

They then drove him home in Saint-Priest near Lyon, where he spent about two hours in the afternoon, including his passport, has-been told.

He was to be subsequently transferred to Lyon in Levallois-Perret (Hauts de-Seine), where it will be held in the premises of the anti-terrorist sub-directorate.

His wife and his sister, also arrested Friday are Sunday custody outputs mid-afternoon -midday. A fourth person had been released every Friday late night.

The investigations must be able to shed light on the exact circumstances but also on the motivations of Yassin Salhi, and complicity or possible contacts.

According iTELE, he noted during interrogation of an argument with his wife and a witness said tensions with his employer. It was not possible to confirm this information immediately.

The suspect had been file details “state security” between 2006 and 2008 and drew again the attention of intelligence between 2011 and 2014, for links with the Salafist movement.

He was spotted in 2003 or 2004 in eastern France, alongside a man known as name of Ali, which is then known Salafist party in Indonesia and which is not the recipient of selfie. No link between this man and Friday’s attack is the time to set.

(Nicolas Bertin and Gregory Blachier)


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