Thursday, June 25, 2015

UberPOP: Cazeneuve request a prohibition order – Le Point

The Interior Minister has asked the Paris police prefect to make an order prohibiting the activity of UberPOP , he said Thursday in Marseille. “I have instructed the Prefect of Paris, given the serious disturbances of public order and development of this illegal activity, take this day an order prohibiting UberPOP activity,” said Bernard Cazeneuve Prefecture Marseille. “I call on all who are in action not to commit any violence,” he also said, while spills were observed in the Paris region during demonstrations in taxis against the application.

“Today I call on everyone to remain calm,” insisted the minister, who stressed “the government’s determination” in this folder. We are in a state of law, “recalled Bernard Cazeneuve, who, when asked about a possible ban of UberPOP application itself, said she” can only result from a court decision “.

snails Operations

“All those who provide digital resources that allow the development of this activity are also accounting for the development of this illegal activity, but we are in a state of law and c ‘ is on the basis of court decisions that these bans can intervene, “he insisted.

Many snails operations, stations and airport blockades took place all over France Thursday The protester against taxis they deem unfair competition for drivers of VTC and especially against those non-professionals, who use UberPOP application.


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