Thursday, June 25, 2015

Taxis UberPop against: the government is trying to calm things down – Les Echos

+ VIDEO After an enamelled day strike incidents, Bernard Cazeneuve has promised a firm enforcement. It will soon meet with leaders of Uber.

How far will the conflict? After a first day of mobilization taxis, rough and peppered with incidents, the executive was forced to react and speak out against UberPop but the conflict between taxis and VTC left seems to last.

Bernard Cazeneuve was first asked on Thursday morning at the Paris prefect of police to take a order prohibiting UberPop (this is already the case in the North or in the Gironde). He then before the public prosecutor of Paris against the UberPop service, including denouncing a “crime of organizing illegal transport activities of persons” . “Many offenses were recorded, thanks to the 481 operations conducted against scammers, I decided, under Article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure [which requires state officials to denounce tortious facts known to them], to initiate a complaint , “said Bernard Cazeneuve on the sidelines of a visit to Marseille. The offense is punishable by “two years imprisonment and a 300,000 euros fine” .

Between 2800 and 5,000 taxis mobilized

According to Bernard Cazeneuve, 10 people were arrested Thursday “under the excesses seen during the protests of taxi drivers, seven police officers were injured” “70 vehicles have been adversely affected” including in clashes between taxi drivers and UberPOP and 30 complaints were filed.
Some 2,800 taxi drivers, according the Ministry of Interior, “more than 5,000″ by Manuel Valls, the 55,000 recorded in France mobilized against UberPop.

“Uber can continue”

The boss Uber France quickly retorted that the prefectural will challenge in court and that “changes nothing, UberPOP can continue.” Orders, “there has already been in several cities, each time they are contesting. [Mr Cazeneuve] has no power [...] to prohibit an application. Only the judge can do that. There are ongoing proceedings “, said Thibaud Simphal mentioning the priority issue of constitutionality (QPC) on UberPOP sent this week to the Constitutional Council. Promulgated end of 2014, the Thévenoud law organizing the transport of persons and therefore taxis and transport vehicles with driver (VTC) “is not clear, it is unclear, we do not understand it, and therefore it allows continue UberPop and the Constitutional Council will be seen that says “ he argued.

Finally, a meeting was held in the late afternoon between Minister and taxi unions , after which Bernard Cazeneuve assured UberPop that vehicles must be “seized systematically” when they are caught. “UberPOP is an illegal service, it needs to close” , he insisted, while acknowledging that only justice could pronounce such a closure. Bernard Cazeneuve is to receive in the coming days the leaders of the Uber company and then again taxi unions, a priori Friday, July 3.

Competition ” wild “

At the call of twelve trade unions and professional organizations of taxis, thousands of taxi drivers have denounced the ” wild competition “ of UberPop in an electrical context because of recent assaults against victims of drivers and customers VTC service. The situation was tense, the device has been closed in both directions at dawn, caps accumulated in the Paris region reached 199 km at 8am and several highways to the capital (A1, A15) were disrupted by operations snail. Rallies were held at Orly and Roissy, where fights have also erupted around 8:30. Some taxis controlled the Uber drivers, and vehicles were vandalized.

An estimate of Police published at noon, 2,800 taxis were mobilized throughout France. The access terminals 2E, 2F and 2D at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport were blocked this morning.

Air France has indicated that there would be a carry without charge between 25 and 30 June, traveling for those who missed their flight because of this movement. Moreover, it was also missing Thursday morning air controllers because they were unable to get to their workplace.

Large demonstrations were also held in Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Toulouse …

Source AFP

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