Friday, June 26, 2015

“9:28, a vehicle enters without attracting attention”: the scenario … – TF1

The facts are known to us through the “two CCTV cameras of the factory”, first explained the public prosecutor of Paris. François Molins Friday night gave a press conference to detail the detailed scenario of the attack Friday morning in a gas plant in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, in Isère , not far from Lyon, where a man was found beheaded surrounded by Islamist flags. He also returned to the identity of the victim and the personality of the detained suspect which here exclusively Dauphiné Libéré / LCI / TF1 photo of arrest:

  • The scenario of the attack as described by the prosecutor
  • – “At 9:28, a commercial vehicle entered without attracting attention, he used come from there for delivery He rang, the door was open to him because it was known to the employees. “
  • -” The vehicle traveled along the wall to the end of the alley where he came out of the cameras field between 9:28 ET 9:35. ” “At 9:35, we see the cameras on the factory as the van accelerated and ran to a shed which housed carboys”
  • -. “9:36, there was an explosion”
  • – “At 9:41, firefighters arrive at the site”
  • – “At 10 am, they catch the suspect opening bottles of acetone in the hangar and apprehend”
  • – A non covered by the cameras location, the victim’s headless body was found in front of the van. Close to the victim, a knife was discovered. Further on a wire fence, her head was found surrounded by two Islamist flags.

The prosecutor added that there was “no evidence of an accomplice inside the vehicle, the man seemed alone. ”

As for the victim, she was 54 years old. François Molins confirmed that Yassin S. worked as delivery driver for the company of the victim. He also confirmed that the suspect is “family man, married for over ten years, father of three children.” Stuck “S” between 2006 and 2008, he had been spotted between 2011 and 2014 for its links with the Lyon Salafist movement.

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The suspect was described by an S card information in 2006. It would not have been renewed in 2008. What is it? TF1 had addressed the issue at the time of the arrest of Ahmed Sid Ghlam, also covered by a sheet S.


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