Monday, June 22, 2015

Bordeaux: a grocery store open on certain days to men, others … – MetroNews

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for “brothers”. Saturday and Sunday, for “sisters”. It’s a simple piece of paper written by hand that the controversy was born Monday in Bordeaux. The manager of the Muslim grocery From the East to the West has decided to establish open days for men and others for women. A discriminatory practice punishable by law.

The store is located in the popular area of ​​Saint-Michel. At its head, a couple of young newly converted people to Islam. The owner, Jean-Baptiste Michalon, aged 24, ensures he did not know that “it was prohibited by law.” For him, this gender breakdown is a service to its customers. “We put it in place at the request of the ‘sisters’ who preferred when my wife behind the counter (…) This is a store where there are clothes,” is he justified, explaining that talk of discrimination shocks him.

The sign removed

“That was for an informed public that knows that our practice of religion n not authorize the mix, “the manager, who even the religious authorities displayed a very personal interpretation of texts. “We never saw it even at the time of the Prophet, says Tareq Oubrou, imam at Bordeaux, the newspaper West . The markets were mixed. That seems a little odd in a world where diversity is established. “Culture

Given the increasing number of reactions of indignation, Jean-Baptiste Michalon decided to remove the sign. Not enough to extinguish the fire so far.

Alain Juppe appeal to “competent authorities”

Alerted Alain Juppé reacted strongly through statement. “I strongly condemn behavior in total contradiction with the republican rules of equality and diversity,” said the mayor. The latter even called the “competent authorities” so that they grasp the dossier “in order to stop such discriminatory practices and implement the measures provided by law in such circumstances.”

In the late afternoon, the Gironde prefecture strongly condemned this practice. “I hope that justice will immediately enter into and draw the consequences if the facts are proven,” said Pierre Dartout, the prefect, in a statement. For this kind of discrimination, under the Penal Code, the torque manager faces up to three years in prison and 45,000 euros fine.


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