Sunday, June 28, 2015

Attack in Isère: the suspect sent a macabre selfie in Canada – TF1

S. Yassin started talking

As he was walled up in the silence here, Yassin. S began on Saturday to talk to investigators. “He was mute, but he changes position” and “begins to explain the place of the facts,” said a source close to the case cited by AFP, without giving more details about the statements. The suspect should be transferred on Sunday to the headquarters of the anti-terrorist police near Paris, having started talking to investigators. Police custody of Salhi, started Friday in Lyon, can last up to 96 hours before it is presented to a judge.

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The suspect sent a selfie with the decapitated head
S. Yassin sent a selfie with the head of his victim, said Saturday sources close to the case cited by AFP, confirming information M6. This self-portrait was sent by the WhatsApp instant messaging application to a North American phone number, said one of these sources.

Who is the prime suspect Yassin S.

A contact in Canada?
The first elements of the investigation have established that he had sent his macabre selfie to a Canadian number. The location of the contact is not as long established, this number can be a simple relay before rebounding to another destination. Canada has already assured France of its cooperation in the investigation to find the recipient’s selfie. They could then trace the call or locate the phone. No details were given about the type of assistance provided to French investigators but police powers can be used to trace the calls, or locate a phone by its number. But French investigators do not rule out a possible connection.

For Eric Ciotti, “we are late for a war”
MP (Republicans) Alpes-Maritimes, the maximum vigilance in Rhône-Alpes and strengthening of sensitive sites after the attack Friday in Isère “are part of a communication strategy” because “we are late for a war.” In an interview with JDD, Eric Ciotti, who chaired the parliamentary commission of inquiry on jihadist dies, feels the government does not provide that “a response which is more psychological than practical.” “We must be frank to say that we can not monitor all of the sites that France could be a threat, because it would require mobilizing hundreds of thousands of men. (…) Because what works in prevention of terrorism is detecting those who pose a threat, their close monitoring and the ability to prevent them from passing the act. But c ‘Here we have a deficit cruel means. We are behind a war, “he says.

“Today, measure that we are at war and that this requires means of another magnitude. I regret that the Government has no comprehensive strategy for fight against terrorism, both in the country and outside, “said Eric Ciotti yet.

The autopsy of the victim inconclusive

The first results of the autopsy on the body of leader the company has not identified the cause of his death. Traces of asphyxiation by strangulation and sticking were found. But “forensic findings do not allow at this stage in the state of the examinations, to say when the victim died: after asphyxia after slaughter, or because of decapitation” added the source, adding that further tests would be carried out.

The French believe the terrorist threat still “high”
For 85% of French, the terrorist threat remains “high” in the country, 40% consider even “very high”. They are only 14% think the opposite, according to a poll Ifop for the JDD. Of those surveyed, 3% even believe that it is “very low”. Supporters of all political currents are for once all in agreement. Senior executives and professionals appear to be the most concerned (87%).

Minute by minute, the place of the macabre course Yassin S.

TF1 reconstituted the path of the deadly terrorist in the gas plant of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. CCTV cameras could follow its course, except for seven minutes he was off camera. His mare lasted 32 minutes.


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