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Chirac, Sarkozy and Hollande heard by the NSA: what to … – The Obs

The teaser lent a joke. Tuesday morning, WikiLeaks published on his Facebook page a strange video with images of the video game “Call of Duty” where it was possible to see the Eiffel Tower exploding. WikiLeaks ensured that the association will soon reveal information about “how France is attacked.” And above all that.

The revelations eventually fell. The documents obtained by WikiLeaks and published “Liberation” and Mediapart revealed that the NSA from 2006 to May 2012 (at least) bugged and spied Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande.

What to understand its revelations? “L’Observateur” makes the point.

# What documents WikiLeaks?

These are five NSA analysis reports, called “Global SIGINT Highlights”. Translation: “Key facts” derived intelligence “of electromagnetic origin, interception of communications,” explains “Liberation”. All are classified “Top Secret”.

They are responsible for the NSA and the American community intelligence. Two of them, however, the older ones, “are doomed to be shared within the” Five Eyes “. It is the alliance of US intelligence services of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

These reports are the result of an identified office as that of Summary Services, “the service syntheses, “say experts who were interviewed by WikiLeaks.

Of the five documents published by “Liberation” and “Mediapart”, four are marked with a “G” which is attributed to the “highly sensitive material.” Many are struck with the seal “NF”, which states that the briefing notes should “in no case be disclosed to foreign countries,” said “Mediapart.” Most are signed “ unconventional” (unconventional), proving that the information in the document “are the product of network hacking.”

type of document obtained by Wikileaks is more surprising. As explained “Liberation is an From a NSA database with a series of phone numbers, fixed and mobile, identified as” selectors “.

# Who was wiretapped by the NSA?

First, the most important . These are the last three French president who were spied on by the American intelligence agency:

  • Jacques Chirac, president from 1995 to 2007
  • Nicolas Sarkozy, president from 2007 to 2012
  • Francois Hollande, President since 2012

“Libération” Mediapart and were able to identify the mobile numbers of the extract of the NSA database, which dates from 2010. It is therefore mobile number:

  • the head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy
  • Secretaries State for European Affairs and Trade Jean-Pierre Jouyet and Pierre Lellouche
  • du diplomatic adviser, Jean-David Levitte,
  • du secretary general of the Elysee, Claude Guéant
  • du spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, Bernard Valero
  • d'un head of the Foreign Ministry not identifié

Il There was also “wider target”: the standard of the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Agriculture is also found number the antenna at the Elysee transmissions of the government center, attached to the General Secretariat for Defence and National Security (SGDSN).

# What can we learn from WikiLeaks documents?

Without startling revelation, enlightening the functioning or decision making of Francois Hollande and his two predecessors.

. first note of the NSA on François Hollande on 22 May 2012. Given two weeks after his election following the title:

French President accepts secret consultations the euro area, meeting with German opposition “

We learn that has close his meeting with Angela Merkel, the day of his inauguration May 15, 2012

Holland complained that nothing substantial has resulted: it was just for show. Holland found the Chancellor obsessed by the ‘fiscal compact’ and especially Greece she dropped it, he said, and move more. Result:. Holland is very worried for Greece “

According to the note, Francois Hollande and Jean-Marc Ayrault discussed the organization in Paris, a meeting” secret “ with the leaders of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the SPD.

According to Mediapart, three notes evoke Nicolas Sarkozy of time of his presidency.

The first of 30 October 2008. It is not known if it is the result of “tapping, interception or conversations US sources, “notes Mediapart. The NSA describes Nicolas Sarkozy almighty and who is convinced of being the only way to combat the financial crisis. A crisis which it holds the US government responsible.

It further states that it is the only one, given the French EU Presidency, today able to jump into the fray . The president accused the US government of having caused by his mistakes, many of the current economic problems, but he believes that Washington now considers some of his advice. He said it is the first time that the United States did not act as leaders in the management of a global crisis and France will now take control. “

In a note dated 7 June 2011, we learn that Nicolas Sarkozy, during a telephone conversation with Alain Juppe , Minister of Foreign Affairs, wants “ propose an initiative to revive direct peace talks in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians “.

Having bugged Nicolas Sakorzy, NSA has all the details of the French strategy. “ The president plans to appeal to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for a possible joint initiative without the United States, or another option to give an ultimatum to US President about the Palestinian state, “says the note.

The note dated 28 December 2006 and evokes Jacques Chirac and Foreign Minister Philippe Douste Blazy.

On 23 December 2006 the Head of State discuss with his Minister of Appointments to the UN. “The US services have realized the lack of consideration that Jacques Chirac for his subordinate,” Mediapart argues. The review of the NSA on the conversation rather explicit:

The detailed orders Chirac can be an answer to the propensity of the foreign minister, amply demonstrated in the past and which explains the numerous reprimands of the President, to make unwelcome or inaccurate remarks “.

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