Thursday, June 25, 2015

LIVE – Taxis against UberPop: incidents in Paris – Le Figaro

This morning, Porte Maillot, taxis attacked at VTC drivers. Julien Cinquin laments watching his van with four flat tires and the rear window exploded: “It is my working tool, it will cost me a fortune, I do not know how I will do.” “Why did you come to work, you know there was a strike today” , retorts a taxi driver to “no transport” to his account that provides only work “nor Uber nor for any application. “

Julien Cinquin fell on a dam of ten taxis. In seconds, they eradicated the van broke her mirrors and a big firecracker thrown on the back seat. A charge of CRS prevented the last minute to reverse the vehicle. A chance that has not had a colleague, Mercedes van which lies on the roof a few dozen meters away.
Malia, 50 including three as a taxi, behold the scene: “Taxi, ok it’s big mouths, but usually it is not aggressive Until three years ago we never manifested But then you have people who.. a family to feed, credit … they are cornered. ” “UberPOP is illegal. It is the law and must be enforced. We do not feel that the government is voluntary on the matter,” complained Jean-René Pierre, CGT delegate to the Gare du Nord, which access is blocked. “UberPOP is dumping. They do not stress, load, required by law,” argues Thierry Boyadjan, a taxi 54 years.
Dams filter out access to Orly airport, as at Roissy. A black limousine driven by a UberPOP driver is identified as he tries to land a client in front of the Terminal 2E. Under the cries of twenty strikers, it is a few meters escorted by police who brings the client. The license plate of the driver is raised booed taxi drivers. It should be subsequently summoned by the police, according to a police source. “This is an illegal POP is an illegal POP”, launched taxis circling another black sedan. “Verbalize verbalize,” they intimately to the police.
“At Roissy, the drivers quickly UberPOP we recognize them,” said Jose Diogues taxi for 38 years. “We want to bump them is prohibited and they continue to do shit.”

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