Monday, June 22, 2015

Cahuzac. Money pharmaceutical labs about her … – Ouest-France

And including payments by the pharmaceutical industry for its consulting business.

Having long denied its existence, ephemeral Minister of Budget François Hollande, displayed destroyer of tax evasion, admitted he was holding a Swiss account, transferred in 2009 in Singapore.

He told investigators that the account “was echoed only by (her) professional income, that is to say (his) income surgeon “, reported the source.

Paid in 1993 by the laboratory Pfizer

Jérôme Cahuzac, however, recognizes “an exception” “I was paid in 1993 as part of my consulting business enterprise by a laboratory whose name was quoted in the press, Pfizer. “

In their correctional removal order, judges Renaud van Ruymbeke and Roger Le Loire note that Jerome Cahuzac said he had ” worked for laboratories after leaving the firm “ Socialist health minister, Claude ” Evin (in 1991) until 1998 “.

“It confirms receipt of occult-related pay, not for his medical activity (…), but to his consulting activities with laboratories” , still write the judges.

“Inputs and privileged contacts”

Why the interested advice pharmaceutical companies? “It indeed benefited input and privileged contacts in the Ministry because of his previous duties at the minister’s office” , say the judges. Councillor Claude Evin for three years, and it was notably in charge of medication.

It is issues “important for laboratories that want to market drugs with the assurance that they would be “ reimbursable by Social Security.


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