Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Marine Le Pen in 2017 with regional candidate in sight – Le Figaro

VIDEO – Marine Le Pen’s presence in regional elections in December was no longer in doubt for several days. Before the activists of the Nord – Pas-de-Calais – Picardie Tuesday in Arras, it confirmed its commitment

The decision would have been. making it three weeks ago, according to his campaign manager Bruno Bilde “She realized that there was a huge expectation,” he says. The sellout crowd before which the FN president speaks in Arras, applause and “Marine” chanted confirm. And pans concert at the back of the room by opponents do not disturb the speech. After weeks of waiting, Marine Le Pen from campaigning for the presidency of the Nord – Pas-de-Calais. – Picardie

“For months the media get excited about my candidacy , she says. I do not make my decisions lightly, I took time to reflect “Faced with the risk of losing and at the following election issue, the presidential candidate did not budge.” I made the choice of courage, passion. ” Taking for example the management of the city of Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais) by Steeve Briois, it ensures that the National Front will lead this great region, to “improve the lives of our compatriots.”

Those in the region, therefore, but also the French in general, because behind the regional discourse, the National resonates strongly. Unemployment, immigration, insecurity: the announced campaign themes already prefigure 2017. Marine Le Pen does not hide “. Those who vote for me also wanted me to be president of the Republic” No problem for her, to conduct these campaigns following. She already announced that if President Region, it will retire a few months to the presidential campaign, and believes that his team will take over. Regional or national campaign, the regional councilor does not choose: “It is both, we are not an above ground area, not an island. We are suffering the brunt of the choices made at national level. “

Face it, Xavier Bertrand does not hide his ambitions for the Republican primary, she calls him” Minister of unemployment “. It is not tender with Stone Saintignon, socialist candidate, who is “there because Martine Aubry has not the courage to come,” she said again. Yet, right and left, the campaign began long ago. For the FN, it will take the fall for it really began: the list will be announced in September, and the project in October. Bruno Bilde sees no delay for Marine Le Pen: “The campaigns are becoming shorter. We will have three months effective, we will conduct a sustained campaign, but not aggressive. “


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