Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blackout. Large failures in Brittany and Pays de la … – Ouest-France

The fire caused a chain reaction. The departments of 35, 22, 29, 56, 53, 44, 85 were partially victims of power outages. Thousands of users were still without power in the middle of night.

ERDF has made available to its clients a number on twitter Call for customers, 09726750 which must be added the number of the department.


Shortly before 21: 30 pm, a transformer exploded at the station RTE Richardais, the dam of La Rance, near Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine).

Nearly 140 000 homes in northern department of Ille-et-Vilaine were without power in the wake of the explosion of an electrical transformer that occurred in the early evening La Richardais, near the dam of the Rance (35).

23 00 40 000 homes of Fougeres sector regained the current. The prefecture identifies those likely to be rescued at home, but as yet no action has been taken.

RTE’s teams work on site to restore the power supply. RTE hopes a total return of power to 2 h 00 in the morning.


At least 7,000 homes were affected around Crédin and the Morbihanais dependent positions Theix and Josselin.

“electricity transport problems are the cause of these cuts” , does one explain to ErDF. In these towns, are “sources posts, those receiving the high voltage lines that are connected to transformers to convert electricity in 20,000 volts” .

example, a small fire in Josselin resulted in a failure.

Côtes d’Armor

1,600 homes were without electricity. Dinan and everywhere around, it’s a mess. On the roads, traffic lights are off. In stores, alarms sound continuously. The restaurants are clueless.


At around 22: 30 pm, a massive power failure has hit the southern department and a of Nantes, plunging thousands of residents in the dark. It is the heat that would be the cause of this failure. Indeed, as explained in the evening, western director of RTE (Electricity Transport Network), Didier Beny, “it is small transformers measure, installed in substations that have suffered from the heat. The temperature induced in all likelihood an overvoltage “. If 23 to 30 pm, Didier Beny was confident for a quick recovery in the Vendée, the question remained for the Loire-Atlantique. Morbihan and Ille-et-Vilaine were also affected by power outages, for identical reasons.


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