Monday, June 29, 2015

Weather. Heatwave alert in 26 departments starting Tuesday – Ouest-France

The heat wave from Spain arrived Tuesday in France. Météo France has 26 departments placed in orange alert heatwave starting Tuesday 14h, in anticipation of a “prompt and lasting episode” .

The departments concerned are those regions Burgundy Ile-de-France and Limousin, and Ain, Allier, Cher, the Dordogne, the Indre, the Loire, the Loiret, Lot, Lot-et-Garonne, the Puy-de . -Dôme and Rhone

The maximum temperatures are often above 35 degrees: 37 degrees are expected in Lyon, for example, while 40 ° C will be reached or surpassed in the southwest .

Episode stormy Thursday

From Wednesday this heat wave will rise to the north to Paris and the great east (northeast, central east, Alsace , Lyon …), with high minimum, between 19 and 23 °. He could do 38.8 ° in Paris on Wednesday, 40 ° weekend in Lyon.

“On Thursday, a stormy period will lower the temperatures on the western half. But behind the hot flash will restart and board temperatures on the rise, with scorching values ​​that will persist throughout the weekend, “ ad Météo-France.

“After the weekend, we see a slight downward trend, but the values ​​remain high, so the risk continues to be always heatwave” , says Benichou.

Previous notable heat waves occurred in France later in the summer in early August 2003 and July 2006. The 2006 heat wave was less intense than that of 2003, but lasted longer (19 days ).

Drinking plenty of water

See the video Poteln advice from Professor, Head of Emergencies at Nantes University Hospital

What is the dog days?

In France, the term heat wave is defined by the intensity of the maximum and minimum temperatures (just as crucial as it is they that allow the body to recover) and duration (three days).

As the global climate warms, if nothing is done to curb the rising thermometer, frequency and intensity of heat waves will increase in the next 20 years and more by the end of the 21st century, according to the scenarios, even the most optimistic of UN climate experts (IPCC).

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