Sunday, June 28, 2015

Isère: Yassin Salhi starts talking – Le Figaro

The suspect, who was sent to a Canadian number one selfie with the head of his victim, explains “the place of facts.” The Prime Minister Manuel Valls urged the French to overcome their fear: “We are not at war against Islam”

•. The suspect got out of his silence. Yassin Salhi, who said to suffer from amnesia, began Saturday evening “to explain the place of the facts,” according to a source close to the case, without giving More details. It should be transferred Sunday to the headquarters of the anti-terrorist police near Paris.

According to the first elements of the investigation, Yassin Salhi noticed last time alongside his future employer and Hervé victim C. at 7:30. At 9:28, Yassin Salhi appears at the gate of the Air Products plant in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. For seven minutes out of the camera field, the driver moved his production and flanks the decapitated head of his boss two flags, one black and one white, on which is inscribed the Muslim profession of faith. At 9:35, the suspect projects his van full of gas cylinders against a shed filled with gas and acetone bottles. Yassin will be arrested shortly before 10am screaming “Allah Akbar,” says Sunday newspaper .

Are discovered a body without a head, a knife and a toy gun. Investigators believe that Yassin Salhi used the toy gun to threaten his boss but the autopsy of Hervé C. Did not allowed whether the victim, who shows signs of strangulation, was still alive when his beheading

• On the selfie track. The delivery driver has sent about 9 am on Friday, a Canadian mobile number with a selfie the decapitated head of its sender. Canadian officials attend the French investigators to identify the number and location of the holder, unless the phone number is a simple relay. The image was transmitted via the instant messaging application WhatsApp.

• A suspect “time bomb.” Le Parisien interviewed the educator who has trained in combat sports Yassin Salhi, there are four years in the Doubs. He describes a “time bomb”, “a man with a split personality.” “He let typing without reacting, without protecting his face. Then he exploded with anger and banged in all directions with unprecedented fury. It was dangerous to himself and to others. He did not fight: it was war, “he explains. The coach remembers a man “whose conversation was centered on Islam.” The two men were lost to the gym when adopted stricter regulation by way of secularism. Reprimanded for coming once in djellaba, Yassin Salhi never returned.

• A radicalization in contact with a supporter of al-Qaeda? Yassin Salhi has been radicalized in Pontarlier in the early 2000s in contact with the Salafist Jean Frederic Salvi, suspected of plotting with al Qaeda militants for attacks in Indonesia, there are five. Nicknamed the “big Ali”, Salvi, who had converted to Islam in prison, fascinated a youth group to which Yassin Salhi. This is what drew the attention of the intelligence services on Salhi, which will be the subject of a “plug S” between 2006 and 2008. Having escaped the Indonesian police, Frederic Jean Salvi now now installed in a city British

• Calling Manuel Valls. “We are not at war against Islam”, said the Prime Minister in the columns of the Sunday newspaper. “The battle is at the very heart of Islam with, on one side, an Islam practiced by the vast majority of our Muslim compatriots claiming universal humanistic values ​​and on the other, an obscurantist Islamism totalitarian “. Manuel Valls believes that in many French, fear replaced the excitement that prevailed after the attacks of January. “The threat is everywhere and will last for years,” but, observing that “polemics and divisions weaken us”, he invites them to be ‘united and together. “


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