Sunday, June 28, 2015

Regional: Pierre Laurent (PCF) starts in one Ile-de-France … – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY – In announcing his desire to lead the top of the list of the radical left in the Ile-de-France for the next regional elections, the Communist is the third figure of the Left Front to demand the position.

Very clever one who can decipher the strategy of the Left Front at the approach of the next regional elections. New illustration on Sunday with the announcement of the candidacy of the head of the Communist Party Pierre Laurent in Ile-de-France in the Parisien Dimanche. A new complication for the Left Front which three executives now claim the top of the list: the boss Communist adds to Clémentine Autain Ensemble and Eric Coquerel for the Left Party. In full crisis of the radical left in France, the communist leader seems alone in his desire to make the attempt: interviewed in JDD , none of its potential partners plébiscitent this application

“When we quote ever Podemos, the best solution is not to choose someone who is already senator”, asserts coordinator Eric Coquerel Left Party. It is already chairman of the European Left, PC and senator. He did not understand that if Podemos exists in Spain, is in response to the fact that the other was left too much in the grip of the Communists, “abounds Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “ What it does is completely regressive. This is an admission of weakness, it means that throughout the Ile-de-France, they have no one other Communist to propose. He is out of his mind “, asserts another officer of the PG.

A point also worn by Clémentine Autain view that argues: “It is time to stop wasting time.” She scattered applications fall within the “collective suicide. No one would come out. We would do the garden gnome scores. The unit is not enough but it is a prerequisite, “argues the manager. Beyond the Left Front, the decision of Pierre Laurent does not lack also attract criticism. “Pierre Laurent, party leader, senator, and head the regional list! The PCF peak for the renewal of political staff! “Quips such as environmentalist Senator Esther Benbassa.

” I told him it was not a good idea. We need new people in and out of the device logic. This is a missed opportunity to bring out the other left “regrets for his part former MEP Liem-Huang-Ngoc, figure of the left of the PS who just slam the door on the Rue de Solferino. A coordination meeting between contenders of the radical left in the Ile-de-France to be held on Tuesday to try to clarify the situation.

Some Place du Colonel Fabien, hoped to take the field next to socialist unity on a list of basic left to salvage, as in the Val de Marne in previous departmental elections. But the emergence of Claude Bartolone in the country has dampened hopes: the Communists stand accused of having robbed him of the General Council of Seine-Saint-Denis in 2008. “I am very amused as he is presented as the candidate best able to bring together all the left, ironically as such Clémentine Autain, the world end of April.


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