Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The United States placed Chirac, Sarkozy and Hollande tapped – Le Figaro

According to Mediapart and Libération , the NSA, the American intelligence agency, had conducted 2006 listens 2012. They also concern ministers and parliamentarians . François Hollande must meet this Wednesday a defense counsel on the subject.

According to briefing notes of the NSA (National Security Agency) obtained by WikiLeaks and made public Tuesday by Mediapart and Libération , the United States had placed on listening the last three French presidents: Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande. The interception of the US intelligence agency would spread out from 2006 to 2012.

According to Libération , these documents consist of five reports based on “intercepts” for US “intelligence community” and classified “top secret”. If they do not update state secrets or sensational revelations, these plays demonstrate, said Mediapart, “an obsessive spy of France by the United States on diplomatic issues, local or economic policy of all orders. ” For besides the three presidents of the Republic, they also concern of ministers, senior officials, parliamentarians and diplomats.

Over the tracks, and we learn how to Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008 was perceived as the ” only man capable “to solve the financial crisis. Former Foreign Minister of Jacques Chirac Philippe Douste-Blazy is meanwhile described as having a “propensity (…) to make inaccurate statements and inappropriate.” The most recent document dates from 22 May 2012, a few days after the inauguration of Francois Hollande. There the question of secret meetings to discuss a possible exit of Greece from the euro area, but also concerns Jean-Marc Ayrault as to Angela Merkel’s reaction if she were to get wind of the meeting between the new president and the German opposition.

Another NSA document would consist of a list of phone numbers including those of Presidents, their closest advisers, but also phones, as standard Ministry of Finance or the Department of Agriculture.

The practice of spying among allies is not a rarity. Germany was shocked in summer 2013 by the revelations of former NSA consultant, Edward Snowden, under which the mobile phone Chancellor Angela Merkel had been placed on surveillance by US agencies for several years. “Unacceptable”, had then insurgent Angela Merkel. That was before we learn this side of the Rhine, senior officials of the Elysee and the Quai d’Orsay had been touted for years by the BND, the German intelligence as part of a cooperation agreement with the American services. When Angela Merkel was indignant that “spy friends, this is not done,” Paris had then chosen to spare Berlin. Contacted by AFP Tuesday, the entourage of François Hollande declined to react to these revelations. “We will look at what it is,” Does it said. Even silence towards the NSA. The entourage of Nicolas Sarkozy held his side that it was “unacceptable methods in general and more particularly between allies.” The Elysee must take this Wednesday a defense counsel on the subject.


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