Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tunisia: Britain claims to have been targeted – Le Figaro

Most of the victims were British and witnesses report that the killer specifically targeted British and Western tourists, according to the Daily Mirror . Meanwhile, the British media celebrate their heroes.

It is time the first results after the wave of attacks that took place on Friday, including the one that took place in a seaside resort south of Tunis. Britain pays a heavy price with at least 8 victims already identified. The toll was provisional and could rise, warn the authorities, after the attack against the Riu Imperial Marhaba hotel in Port el Kantaoui, 140 km south of Tunis and near Sousse who made 38 dead and 36 wounded. “Britain must prepare for what many of those who were killed in the savage attack in Tunisia are British,” Prime Minister David Cameron said the release of a new crisis meeting .

In the aftermath of the carnage – the second deadliest in Britain since the killing in London in 2005 which had 56 victims – the British press is appalled. “Massacre on the beach” can be read in the A Times , “bloody Friday” show The Independent “The terrorist laughed,” reports Daily Mail , “Day of terror,” says Telegraph .

Beyond the tragedy, the Daily Mirror reports that British tourists have clearly been targeted and other Western tourists. “An eyewitness says that the killer chose his victims, British and other western tourists then told the others to leave. He chose who he wanted to kill. “

The British newspapers reported also the facts and heroic actions of their compatriots. The Daily Mail , Daily Express , BBC , Daily Mirror all evoke the case of Matthew James. This British 30-year tourist, was shot three times in the shoulder, chest and hip wanting to protect his fiancée. The latter, Sarah Wilson, aged 26 says: “He took a bullet for me. He saved my life because he lunged at me when the shooting started. He was covered with blood, but he just told me to run away. He said: I love you baby, but goes in you. Tell our children that their father loves them. I had never seen anything so brave, “said his companion. The young man is now in critical condition, he has a broken pelvis, had a heart attack and is being treated in a Tunisian hospital, but his days are not in danger.

The media Anglo -saxons relate also other heroic behavior, like that of Tom Richards who saw the killer without the latter shoots him. Then he rescued the injured tourists, reports The Guardian . Keith Hawkes, a former Gurkha soldier (former member of the British Army recruited in Nepal), aged 70, told the Times how he went right by the shooter when he faces fire from his automatic weapon to bring to the rescue of victims. “I will never know why he does not target me me,” said he said.


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