Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Pride seeks a second wind – Le Figaro

An alternative event, the “night of Pride” is organized on the eve of the official march to reignite the protest. Its slogan? “Dancing is not enough.”

The Pride seems to research new life two years after the enactment of the Marriage Act for all. Faced with a government paralyzed by new reform project, the LGBT movement (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans) has yet number of claims to defend in his Paris Parade Saturday, June 27: Opening of the LDCs to couples of women and singles, recognition of parentage based on parental involvement and “multiple parenting” trans right to change their civil status, recognition of “lesbophobia” against homophobia in schools … These fights worn by the slogans “My Body My Style Ta Geule!”, “A zero blah LDCs law” and “Take these judges of our pants!” that will be chanted from Luxembourg Garden instead of the Republic.

Las, some activists believe that Pride has lost its opposing force and its mobilization capacity. Organizer of the event, the Inter-LGBT, a federation of sixty associations, defended the idea of ​​a march “political” while recognizing that some activists were “demobilized” after the adoption of Marriage for everyone. “It’s always like that in militant movements after a big win. It takes a little time to leave. That’s what we do, “said Nicolas Rividi, a spokesman of the Inter-LGBT. Saturday’s protesters might be reinvigorated by the view that are preparing to make the defender of rights and the High Council for Equality between Women and Men (HCEfh) for the opening of the LDCs to all women, as revealed Le Monde Friday. And perhaps galvanized by the decision of the US Supreme Court on Friday to legalize gay marriage across the United States.

“There are struggles that are not represented by walking Pride “

Rest at a time when couples of the same sex people say” yes “before the mayor, some consider that the fight was gentrified. The “gay pride” has it become too conventional? Too popular with policies? This 2015 edition has certainly been marked by controversy over the slogan of the event. “Multiples & amp; Indivisible “is it registered with the poster of the show, under the picture of a bust of Marianne, androgynous black, wearing a Phrygian cap. An emergency slogan to replace the one originally planned – “emancipate our struggles you” – deemed “paternalistic” or “racist” and “colonialist” by some members of the Inter-LGBT. It is true that consensus is not easy within the federation. In 2011 already, the organizers had abandoned a poster depicting a cockerel whose neck was decorated with a feather boa, because this visual was deemed “foul” and too nationalistic.

Then, like a Warning, another Pride, the “night of Pride” was organized to pound the pavement Friday night, on the eve of the official march. A first. Its slogan? “Dancing is not enough.” This alternative event, held in late May by a general meeting at the initiative of the Collective for March 8, aims to reignite the protest. “Partying is to believe that everything is already obtained,” says Nelly Slim, a feminist activist and a student at Sciences Po.

“No head square with VIP é” , “no funding other than donations” and “no commercial tanks,” promise the organizers of this “for militant” on Pride. “This shows that there is a pissed. There are struggles that are not represented by the Pride march against racism, insecurity, Islamophobia or even sexism within our communities, “says Nelly Slim which also boasts support for” veiled lesbians who or feel represented by the inter-visibilisées LGBT “. He concluded: “This is beyond LGBT rights, it is also a protest against the government’s austerity policy”



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