Monday, June 29, 2015

Manuel Valls: “It’s a war of civilizations that we do … – Le Point

Two days after the attack in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, Manuel Valls, who cut short his trip to South America to attend a defense council at the Elysee restricted Saturday returned to the antenna of Europe 1 on the state of the fight against terrorism in France. “The fight against terrorism, jihadism and radical Islam is a civilization of war that we can not lose. “” We live in a world where the threat is constant at a very high level, and there is no zero risk. “But” the battle plays within Islam between a humanistic Islam and an obscurantist Islam, totalitarian “.

Defending his record

Since Friday Attacked by some officials policies, Éric Ciotti Marine Le Pen, on the inadequate resources in place, and the failure to prevent the attacks as well as curb radicalization, the Prime Minister was keen to include the means implemented by his government. “30,000 policemen, gendarmes and soldiers assigned to protect sensitive areas. We created 1,830 additional posts of police and gendarmes to fight against terrorism, which affected 930 against domestic terrorism. We must relentlessly pursue this action. “” We did vote two anti-terrorism laws. France judgment of terrorist crimes committed abroad, blocking sites that glorify terrorism, European co … On all these issues, I say in passing, Marine Le Pen has opposed, “said the Prime Minister .

More than 1,800 people surveyed radicalized

Manuel Valls also takes stock of the extent of Islamist radicalization in France: “There are 1,800 individuals enumerated known linked to Islamist networks; 473 identified as being there; 119 died there on the spot; 217 returned on the national territory; 315 left home to join the zone, and 608 showed starting inclinations. We must realize that this is an incredibly powerful phenomenon. We have never faced such a threat. Add to that 500 veterans of other conflicts. We face a major phenomenon. “Should we also close the hundreds of Salafists mosques in France? Without answering the question, Manuel Valls stressed that one identifies “between 10 000 and 15 000 Salafists in France. This is an extremely conservative vision of Islam, often the antechamber of radicalization that can lead to terrorism. “Can we therefore speak of Interior enemy fifth column? “Having compatriots who could take action, that was it, change. But it is not a specifically French phenomenon: 5,000 Europeans left to wage jihad. We believe that by year’s end, there could be 10,000 Europeans engaged in the ranks of Daesh. “

A threat that will last

Manuel Valls acknowledged that the terrorist threat high in France was here to stay. “We can not get used to violence, barbarism and death. But we must be clear: we live in a major terrorist threat, and it will last. It concerns not only France but also other countries of Europe and the world. They want to fight not the values ​​of the West, but the humanistic values ​​universal. On January 13, the National Assembly, I said that we were facing a war against terrorism, against radical Islamism. There is a desire to end Daesh what are our values, universal values. And I remember that the first victims of Daesh in the world, it is of course the minorities, I think of the Christians of the East, but it is primarily Muslim. “


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