Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Valls pushes the PS deputies to pay tribute to Pasqua – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY / VIDEO – In the hemicycle on Tuesday, the right launched a tribute to the former minister who has generated some confusion in elected from the majority

“I know that tribute will be paid to Charles Pasqua in the Senate last Assembly where he served. But let me on behalf of my group to have a thought for the man who was a great patriot and a great servant of the state. ” When Christian Jacob, president of the group Republicans (LR), speaks Tuesday afternoon during questions to the government, it is first to pay tribute to former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua, died Monday night. A tribute unanimously agreed by members of the opposition, but that sparked a floating moment in the Chamber.

A few seconds after the start of the “standing ovation” Republicans, left remaining marble. Suddenly, Manuel Valls rises, quickly followed by the Minister of Relations with Parliament Jean-Marie Le Guen. The Prime Minister applauded in turn directs and gestures of encouragement by his colleagues to do the same: the ovation finally gone around the chamber after some hesitation. Once is not custom, Christian Jacob to welcome the gesture of Manuel Valls: “Thank you Mr. Prime Minister, the Government, to all our colleagues who have praised the memory of this statesman”

“The reluctance of the left to stand up at the mention of Charles Pasqua shows that there is a controversial figure even after his death” comments on Twitter parliamentarian Christophe Caresche in a less conciliatory spirit. However, this gesture of Manuel Valls might be such as to calm the complaints raised within the right by the low reactivity of the Elysee, which has honored the memory of Charles Pasqua a dozen hours after news of his death with a terse statement. A cowardice that has not failed to meet Senator Joëlle Garriaud LR-Maylam.


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