Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A priest murdered during a hostage in a church near Rouen – Le Monde

The two authors of the hostage in a church  of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray were killed. François  Hollande and Bernard Cazeneuve are expected on  site.

the assistant parish priest of Saint-Etienne in the city, Jacques Hamel, 84 , was butchered with knives. Another hostage is between life and death, and three others were injured. According to the Ministry of Interior, five people in total were taken hostage.

According to the spokesman of the interior Ministry, the two hostage-takers were killed during an operation of the Brigade of research and Intervention (BRI) of Rouen, as they walked out of the building . Operations continue to check that there are no explosives on these places. No details on the profile and the motives of the attackers were not given.

The anti-terrorist section of the Paris parquet was seized in flagrante delicto investigation entrusted to the anti terrorist sub-directorate (SDAT ) and the Directorate General for internal security (RPS).

  • the two attackers have claimed EI

in a short statement, the president described the two takers “terrorists claiming Daech [Arabic acronym of the organization Islamic state].” “We are facing a group, Daech, who declared war on us. We must fight this war, by all means, in accordance with the law, so that we are a democracy “, he said.

“it is the Catholics who were beaten, they are all the French who were hit (…) the French should know that they are threatened, but they are not the only country, Germany is also and others, but their strength lies in their cohesion. “

  • The Catholic Church calls for” brotherhood “

The Vicar General of Rouen, Philippe Maheut visited locally. Bishop Lebrun, archbishop of Rouen, currently in Poland for World Youth Day, will return to France, as well as Archbishop Georges Pontier, President of the Bishops’ Conference of France.

” I will be tonight in my diocese with families and the parish community shocked. The Catholic Church can not take other weapons of prayer and brotherhood among men “, said in a statement Bishop Lebrun.

François Hollande will on Tuesday evening at the Elysee the archbishop of Rouen, Mgr Lebrun, before meeting Wednesday morning the cult representatives Conference in France.


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