Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Parisians, you can now check on an official site if your rent is abusive – Liberation

A year after the establishment of the framing device of rents in Paris, came into force on 1 st in August 2015 in Paris, the Minister of Housing Emmanuelle Cosse announced Tuesday the opening a website that allows tenants and landlords in the capital to test the price of their rental.

This platform allows for “seven clicks” to check if a rent does not exceed the authorized ceiling. Remember, coaching establishes a price cap: the price per square meter of rent can not exceed more than 20% of the median rent level observed by quarter for comparable units (studio, 2 rooms, 3 rooms …) . Paris is divided into 14 zones, each with its median rent by type of dwelling

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987 euros for a maximum 30m 2 Odeon

for example, the rent for a 2 room apartment 30m 2 in building built in the 1970s to Odeon, in the VI th arrondissement of Paris, should not exceed 987 euros per month, 20% more than the 822 euros of the median rent. This reference rent is calculated according to the dwelling address, number of rooms, it is furnished or not and year of construction of the building.

Thus, the platform allows for future tenants as owners to check for themselves if their rent is in order. If it does not, the new tenant has a period of three months after the signing of the lease, to perform an action in order to adjust the rent at the right price. If applicable, the site shows the possible remedies for tenants to exercise their rights: dialogue with the owners, conciliation (by typing letter by the Departmental Conciliation Commission) and finally the litigation by entering the court .

“appropriate law”

Emmanuelle Cosse want to tenants “to become actors of their housing” and ‘s’ appropriate law “. Despite improvements which it welcomed (30% of those who moved to Paris in 2015 benefited from a decrease from the previous tenant), abusive rents still exist. The Minister noted that too many tenants are insufficiently informed about their rights and end up destitute. Town centers become inaccessible to more and more homes

In Paris, rents increased by 30% 10 years. With the launch of the website and extending supervision to other cities (implemented in Lille at the end of the year, engagement of Grenoble in the device, opening the inner suburbs of Paris by 2 years), Emmanuelle Cosse hope “restore purchasing power [for renters] and increase the supply of affordable housing” . In 2018, over 8 million people will be affected by rent regulation.

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