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NICE. Sandra Bertin face Bernard Cazeneuve: controversy in 6 acts – The Obs

A police accusing the Interior Ministry for having exerted pressure to make it change its report on the safety device on the Promenade des Anglais after the attack on 14 July Nice. An interior minister who makes a complaint for defamation. A director general of the National Police, which supports the minister. Police maintains his accusations …

Since Sunday, the episodes are linked and the controversy does not fall, turning the settlement of accounts between the former mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi and the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve. A former mayor of Nice, now first deputy to the security of the city, which, as revealed in “Le Point”, has not attended any of the preparatory meetings for the organization of the festivities of 14 July. Explanations.

1 Sandra Bertin accuses

“The day after the attacks, the office of the Minister Interior sent a commissioner to the CSU (urban supervision center) who put me in line with the Place Beauvau. (…) I then had to deal with a person who asked me pressed a report indicating the points of presence of the municipal police, barriers, and to make clear that we also saw the national police on two points in the safety device. “

Published by the” Journal du Dimanche ” the accusation comes from Sandra Bertin, head of the CSU. On social network, municipal police shows its support to Christian Estrosi and regularly criticizes “the pseudo-socialist policy.” In his statements, it drives the point:

“I was harassed for an hour, I was ordered to enter specific positions of the national police that I have not seen in screen. “

serious charges while the former mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, has questioned the security arrangements put in place the night of the attack that left 84 dead.

2 Bernard Cazeneuve replica

Sunday, immediately upon becoming aware of these accusations, Bernard Cazeneuve said he would sue for defamation. “Contrary to what Ms. Bertin says, is by no means ‘the office of the Minister of Interior sent a commissioner to CSU’ or would have had exchanges with it,” said Interior Ministry in a statement, noting that it is in the “single authority” of the Paris prosecutor “that police investigators were dispatched to the CSU Nice”

According to the Department.

“It would be very helpful Madame Bertin are interviewed by investigators and could produce their identities and functions of people it puts case, it evokes mails and their content.”

the statement of the place Beauvau insists deleterious context of the accusations: “the charges are unworthy of that day are part of the following virulent polemics that some elected Nice wished maintain and feed every day since the terrible attack of 14- July “, denounces Beauvau calling” everyone to regain his senses I was treated as a subordinate “

.” “Christian Estrosi indecent controversy

3 Jean-Marc Falcone supports the Minister

the interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve , nor his office intervened with the Nice municipal police to make him change an account on the device deployed in Nice on 14 July, said Sunday to press the head of the national police.

Sandra Bertin Rejecting the charges, the general director of the national Police (NPD), Jean-Marc Falcone, supports the minister. He added that “polemics and manipulations that affect the national police, its leaders and its minister” must “stop”. He said officials were “implicated in conditions that are not acceptable”

Jean-Marc Falcone then returns to the way was prepared the report. “It is true” that national Police “sent to urban supervision center of Nice” a commissioner, then a commander, “to get through the video timeline of the events of 14 July evening,” said Jean-Marc Falcone during a press conference at the Interior Ministry.

the report of Sandra Bertin, “addressed to the mayor of Nice,” “was sent a copy” to “Staff of public safety two formats, PDF and editable format “,” simply to allow a technique to copy and paste to facilitate the drafting of the note, “adds Jean-Marc Falcone.

Meanwhile, the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, wishes to recall that it was under his “sole authority for the purposes of the ongoing investigation, on 15 July, two brigadiers chiefs were sent to Nice”, insisting that investigation “exclusively by the judicial authority” and not the Interior Ministry.

4 Minister calls for Name

Bernard Cazeneuve asked Sandra Bertin to inform “without delay” identity “for civil servants and staff member who would be engaged in an unusual step.” If it turned out, “my responsibility (…) I will draw all the consequences,” he said.

5 Sandra Bertin maintains his accusations

Sandra Bertin confirmed and signed. At a press conference Sunday night, his lawyer, Adrien Verrier even added that the municipal police should, Monday, make a report to the prosecutor for “forgery of public documents.”

in an interview on France 2, the woman maintains her allegations and claims to have been “harassed telephonically literally: as and as time passes, calls are growing close together”

<. p> for now, the municipal police refused to name the people involved: “the investigation will reveal it,” she says

6. Sandra Bertin is it wrong?

on Monday morning, when the Prime Minister Manuel Valls defends Bernard Cazeneuve, “a man of integrity” for which he has ” no doubt “BFMTV, Europe 1 reveals that Sandra Bertin has not dealt with a member of Bernard Cazeneuve firm. The email of the municipal police was not sent to a member of the firm’s interior minister but a police officer who works at the headquarters of the central management of public security.

and if it requested an editable version, according to Europe 1, it is not for any attempt to falsify but to easily use elements for the note of the public security information.



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