Sunday, July 31, 2016

Attacks in France for Marine Le Pen, the left “simulates” and the right “shakes” – France Soir

FN Marine Chair Le Pen returned Friday 29 at left and right back-to-back night in their fight against terrorism, saying that the majority was in the “ simulation ” while the opposition was in “ agitation .”

what I see is a left that is in the simulation and a right in the agitation “estimated Ms Le Pen on France 2.” This government has continued for months of trying to find excuses, self-justify its inability to meet the huge problem that France faces, the attack on our country by a totalitarian ideology is Islamist fundamentalism “, accused the extreme right leader.

the Mr. Valls party and the party of Mr. Sarkozy (the) left to grow, to structure our territory for years “after it. To Ms. Le Pen, we must “ from the reconquest, in compliance with the order, laws of the French Republic. We have all the means at our disposal (…) but it takes the will policy to do . “

Is that with the FN president at the Elysee Palace, the attacks would have been prevented? “ What is sure is that with Marine Le Pen, everything would be done against Islamist terrorism. Today, this is not the case “, has she evaded .

She was pleased to see that “ the solutions proposed by each other ” fight against terrorism “ were in our 2012 draft: deprivation of nationality, the national Guard, closing Salafist mosques, the moratorium on new mosques financed from abroad . “

Asked about the only French nationality of several authors of terrorist acts, Ms. Le Pen suggested in these cases, “ national indignity, legal prison that prevent them from doing the least not without a kind of guardian is watching what they are doing “.

She advocated” immediate deportation “for foreign” just suspected of any connection with terrorism “with” administrative measure “but rejected the” preventive confinement “of data subjects S,” an extent contrary to our laws, our Constitution ” .

Ms Le Pen repeated his wish, as François Fillon, to resort to Article 411-4 of the criminal Code on “ intelligence ” with “ a power, a company or a foreign organization “to” provoking hostilities or acts of aggression against France “, which is punishable by thirty years’ criminal detention and 450.000 euro fine.


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