Saturday, July 30, 2016

Priest murdered: France pays tribute to the Father Hamel – The Point

New interreligious gatherings mark the day Saturday, a sign of the emotion that remains in the country four days after the murder of a priest by two jihadists in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, while the investigation continue with the prosecution of two police custody.

in Lyon, a silent march gathered Saturday afternoon almost 400 people, Muslims, Christians and lay people to testify “of a united response to terrorism . “” We shall overcome by the fraternity, “” This is not a war of religions “or” We are all brothers and sisters, “could be read on banners. The procession, which marched from the Place Carnot in Place Bellecour in the center of the city, was dispersed without incident around 16 pm 20.

In Bordeaux, about 400 people attended Mass evening. The priest invited the assembly “to collect, whatever his faith and belief.” In Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, St. Teresa’s church, the second of the city, was packed for Mass 18 hours before the vigil organized. Among the 300 faithful was about fifty Muslims. Five police were mobilized at the entrance to filter arrivals. “I’m here for this do not start, it’s scary, you want to gather, Nicole testifies, practicing Catholic. I think it’s good that Muslims attend Mass. It is by uniting we will able to fight. ” Sunday, Muslims are called by the French Council of the Muslim Faith to visit the churches during Mass, and the bishops’ conference called on parishioners to book them a “fraternal welcome”.

a minor handed to France

the investigation into this attack attempts to expose the medium in which both evolved jihadist Abdel Malik Petitjean and Kermiche Adel, aged one and another 19, which had been spotted by their separate intelligence agencies without their passage to the imminent act has been detected. Two people, the cousin of one of the two killers and a Syrian refugee, were still in custody Saturday, while that of a minor of 16 years was lifted. The latter however has not finished with the justice of jihadist propaganda materials were found in his phone and his computer, and these have been forwarded by the Paris prosecutor to his counterpart in Rouen, territorial jurisdiction and which could decide to open a separate procedure for “apology for terrorism.” His brother interested investigators: close to one of the two killers, Adel Kermiche, he went in the Iraqi-Syrian area in 2015 and anti-terrorism agencies are wondering if it could play a role for Syria in the attack Tuesday

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a minor of 17 who had sought from Syria with Adel Kermiche in 2015 was recently arrested in Geneva in a second attempt, and returned to France where he was imprisoned, said Saturday a source close to the investigation. At this stage, “there is no evidence that he has any involvement” with Tuesday’s attack, however, cautioned that source. Another 19 year old man stuck “S” (reported to radicalization) and arrested July 25 in a separate investigation of the intelligence services, was set Friday exam. A video of Abdel Malik Petitjean, in which it paid allegiance to the EI and evoked “violent action” had been found in a phone at home. Another investigation is under way, in which a French 20 years was arrested. He had visited Turkey in early June with Petitjean before being forced like him.

Dialogue with religious

The place of the tragedy becomes clearer. In an interview with the weekly Life , the two nuns who had been retained within the church recounted that a dialogue had committed jihadists with both after the assassination the priest. “As long as there bombs on Syria, we will continue the attacks,” said one of them two men. Asked Saturday sister Danielle said that one of them had entered the church minutes before the attack to ask for information.

In an interview with World dated Saturday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls for his part, admitted a “failure” in the judicial follow Kermiche Adel, who was under electronic surveillance and was the subject of a S. Abdel Malik Petitjean record was him S stuck since June 29


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