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Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray: why one of the perpetrators of the attack had been released – The World

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Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, in the evening of  26 July.

Why Kermiche Adel, 19, identified as one of the murderers of father Jacques Hamel in the church of Saint-Etienne-du -Rouvray, near Rouen, Tuesday, July 25, has there been released on 18 March after ten months in custody? Le Monde got the pieces of the judicial debate between investigating judges and the Paris prosecutor. At the time, the young man is indicted for “criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise” since March 2015 for trying to join jihadist groups Syria. First put on probation, he was jailed in May 2015 after a second start attempt

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personality investigation is ordered by the investigating judge in charge of Adel Kermiche folder. It started in October 2015, and the judge receives the findings in February. The young man was a chaotic journey. It is followed since he was 6 years and was regularly hospitalized for psychological disorders. During the investigation, he evokes his professional projects: he hopes to become a medical and psychological help. His family ensures that it has several job opportunities as an animator in a municipal leisure center. “I am a Muslim based on the values ​​of mercy, kindness (…) I am not extremist” , he insisted, before explaining to two prayers a day, being “overslept” to the morning

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“Determined to initiate integration processes”

In prison, Adel Kermiche shared the cell of a Saudi and met a young french having spent eighteen months in the troops EI. He saw his incarceration wrong. He assured the judge that he regrets his departure desires: “I want to take my life, to see my friends, to get married. “

The judge, who wants to believe in a possible future for this disturbed young man, motivated by his order that he would ” realized his mistakes “, that had “suicidal” during his imprisonment, it would be “determined to initiate insertion approaches” and his family seems willing to give him “coaching” and “accompaniment”.

the survey on investment feasibility precise electronic wristband that his parents “say they prefer to know their son incarcerated and living a free and en route to Syria. If they agree to host it, it is because they genuinely believe that he knows he was wrong and that he no longer attempt to leave. “

” Risk very important facts renewal “

the floor is very sensitive to these arguments and appealed the judge’s order, he considers ” unconvincing “. In his closing speech, he believes that the constraints provided by judicial review “turn out perfectly illusory given the context of the file” . “In these circumstances, and although reporting a mistake and demanded a second chance, there is a very high risk of renewal of the facts in the case of release”, emphasis the prosecution.

the investigating chamber does not follow the call of the floor. Adel Kermiche out of prison. He is under house arrest with his parents and with an electronic bracelet. The terms of his judicial forbid him to leave the department, forced him to undergo a psychological treatment and not allow it to leave home between 8 am to 12 pm 30 30 week period which he committed on Tuesday its attack in the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray

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