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murdered priest, the religious representatives called for “combat hate speech” – The World

View of the Church of  Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, where a priest was  killed by two individuals claiming to represent  the Islamic state on Tuesday 26 July.

After the attack claimed by Islamic State group in a church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Seine-Maritime, masses are celebrated across France in tribute to the 86 year-old priest who was murdered there. President François Hollande announced that he would receive, Wednesday, July 27, the Conference of Representatives of worship, composed of the Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist, “because we need to be together” .

François Hollande “These are the Catholics who were hit, all Catholics, but they are all the French who are concerned “. the head of state phoned the pope to tell him ” grief of the french people after the heinous murder “ and make sure everything would be done to protect churches and places of worship in France.

If these are among the organization Islamic State targets, the murder of a priest in a terrorist attack, however, is a first in France. The prefecture of the Hautes-Pyrénées announced that the security device for the pilgrimage of August 15 in Lourdes, which annually brings together thousands of people, would be strengthened.

“A Day of fasting and prayer “Friday

Archbishop of Paris, Andre Vingt-Trois , however, strengthen the security outside churches would be ” maintain a ridiculous illusion “, arguing that “the principle of the attack is that it is unpredictable” . “Let the christianity is top of the list among the possible victims is not a surprise,” , has he said.

“The unspeakable happens “, also said the archbishop of Rouen, Bishop Dominique Lebrun , from Krakow, Poland, where he was attending the opening of the world youth Day (WYD). Returned in the afternoon in France and received at the Elysee Palace, he cited the “words of Jesus: Forgive them, they know not what they do. “(…)” you were told to love, I tell you to love your enemies and even pray for them. (… ) God tried to teach us not to have a scapegoat policy.

Mgr Georges Pontier, President of France bishops Conference , also in Krakow for WYD, called on his side “all Catholics in France for a day of fasting and prayer for our country and for the world peace this Friday, July 29th. “ ” various feelings we live in these moments. We know however that only brotherhood, dear to our country is the way that leads to lasting peace “, he said.

The first bishop of France also felt that Muslims were as much a target of EI Christians: “They are more likely to be killed by Daech us. This is the man who is in danger. Because they kill to kill and frighten. All that is different from them, they want to eliminate “, has he argued, wishing that Muslims ” do not live in fear and shame, but we help to understand that these actions are not compatible with Islam, saying it and living the “

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“stand united and determined”

Pope Francis has associate “pain and horror” and “condemned in the most radical way” the attack in a church in France, according to the Vatican . “We are particularly impressed because this horrible violence took place in a church, a sacred place where promises of God’s love with the brutal murder of a priest and affected faithful” , explained the Vatican.

the Assembly of bishops of the holy Land Catholic , based in Jerusalem, has also presented his condolences “to the Church and people of France “. “From the Holy Land, which continues to suffer from violence and instability, we call for an end to the use of violence in the name of religion” , it said.

Protestant Federation of France testified “support and solidarity” to the Catholic community. “with this barbaric act, c ‘ is the whole Christian community that is affected at heart. (…) Resisting fanaticism resist attempts to divide by terror, is to stand united and determined all faiths “, has she wrote.

“the only answer to the barbarism that is ringing at our doors, extremism and fanaticism, is and remains national cohesion, only bulwark against these attempts at psychological and political destabilization of our country, marked by the values ​​of freedom and respect for diversity “, also wrote the Assembly of Orthodox bishops of France.

” Fighting hate speech “

Even condemnation by the central Consistory, the Union of Jewish communities in France , which says ” horrified “ . “Today the Catholic Church is referred, but also the whole of France is affected and mourns. Once again, the jihadists, enemies of the Republic and Democracy, tried to undermine the foundations of our society. “ Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) also condemned a ” heinous murder “ ” marks a new stage in the progression terrorism in France “.

French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) condemned ” with the utmost force the terrorist act cowardly and barbaric strikes again our country “. ” the succession of terrorist acts during this summer murderer demonstrates once again the need for an unprecedented mobilization of all the energies and cohesion of all components of the national community to tackle the scourge of terrorism “, he said.

the national Observatory against Islamophobia also mentioned a “horrific and terrifying act” “the goal of the terrorists and Daech [EI] is to spread fear and mistrust between communities. More than ever, leaders of different religions must meet, exchange and combat hate speech. “


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