Sunday, July 24, 2016

Nice attack: two reports, two versions – Le Figaro

While a report of the Municipal Police in Nice said that jihadist the truck is mounted on the Promenade des Anglais the sidewalk without “any police presence,” a report of the National Police ensures that he wanted to avoid a dam.

on Sunday, the national police has played the card of transparency and released to the press a copy of the three-page report transmitted by Sandra Bertin, municipal police service chief of Nice which accused the Interior Ministry to have pressured her. The young woman afffirme indeed a member of Bernard Cazeneuve firm would have pushed to change his report on 14 July device. Meanwhile, a note from the National Police describing “the chronology of the perimeter of crossing” the truck was also given to the press.

What the report says Sandra Bertin

in Ms. Bertin report, this “precise” than “through a revisionnage”, it appears that at 10:32 p.m. “the heavyweight comes on the promenade des Anglais ( …). ” “The plan is broad, it is hard to really distinguish the rise of the truck on the road”, but “specifies that when climbing on the sidewalk, it is done outside the closed perimeter of the festivities and that then there is no police presence. “

what says the national Police

the note of the national police says it, that a “barrier, isolating the pedestrian perimeter was set up by the staff of the national police (…) the approach, the truck has not stopped and bypassed the roadblock by driving on the sidewalk.” The note that according to “the operation of video surveillance images of the city” Nice, “the driver is ‘forced’ to deport on the sidewalk to bypass the barriers that obstruct the traffic lanes of the Promenade des Anglais “.

the document adds that” the unique angle of the camera focused on the dam in question fails to see the reaction of the crew PN (national Police, ed) this “but of other cameras allow “to see the beacon of the crew vehicle holding point”. “This point was also held for the Military Parade for the afternoon,” says the report of the National Police.

Controversies cascade

Since the attack of 14 July, the government faces widespread criticism, including from the President of the Paca region Christian Estrosi (Republicans) concerning the police system in place on the Promenade des Anglais. The daily Libération in particular said Thursday, photo support, only one municipal police car blocked the entrance to the pedestrian area on the famous avenue, it had denied the Minister Interior Bernard Cazeneuve.


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