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Nice attack: Cazeneuve a complaint for “defamation” after accusations of a municipal police – The World

The controversy continues over the safety device of July 14 in Nice. In The Sunday Journal , Sandra Bertin, the municipal police in charge of the CCTV Nice attack the night, claims to have been pressured the Interior Ministry to change his report on the device police July 14. It states that he was asked to report the presence of the National Police at particular locations of the safety device, contrary to what she had observed before the attack of the truck on the Promenade des Anglais.

“the day after the attacks, the cabinet of the Minister of interior sent a commissioner to the CSU (urban supervision center) who put me in line with the Place Beauvau. “

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In response to the ” serious charges “, the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, will sue for libel. “Contrary to M me Bertin says, so this is by no means the office of the Minister of the Interior sent a commissioner CSU or would have had exchanges with it,” , it said in a statement to the Place Beauvau.

the public prosecutor of Paris, François Molins, too, responded Sunday, July 24 ensuring that sending investigators on site was perfectly legal, and that it was within the framework of the opening of a judicial investigation, the evening of the ‘bombing that killed 84

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This testimony intervenes full controversy between the municipality Republicans Christian Estrosi (first deputy mayor and president of the city), fully aware of the safety device on the attack tonight and blames the government, including the question of the number of national police mobilized on the ground and the nature of the “dam” in front of the pedestrian part of the Promenade.

  • What denounces the municipal police?

the head of urban supervision center claims to have encountered the day after the Nice attack, ” to pressed person who asked me a report indicating points of presence of the municipal police, barriers, and to make clear that we also saw the national police on two points in the safety device “.

the police, which is co-signed an open letter to Manuel Valls deploring the lack of consideration of the municipal police by the government, replied that she would write what she had seen, and the national police, which perhaps was there, “not me appeared on videos. “ The emissary of the Interior Ministry would then, according to his testimony, ” asked to e-mail an editable version of the report to not retype everything.

“I was harassed for an hour, I was ordered to type positions specific national police I have not seen on the screen. So much so that I had to physically remove from CSU’s envoy ministry! “

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The police, also general secretary of the independent Union of the local government service from Nice, finally a “sent by email a non-editable PDF version and one edited. “

  • How does the authorities?

The public prosecutor of Paris Francois Molins, said that it was under his “single authority for the purposes of the ongoing investigation that on 15 July, two brigadiers leaders were sent to CSU Nice to exploit the videos, the goal is to see the path of the truck “.

” His actions have no other purpose than to achieve the establishment of the truth in the part of a judicial investigation. “

” Until the opening of the judicial investigation “ Thursday ” The survey was conducted exclusively by the prosecution “, has he added

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Meanwhile, Ministry of interior has decided to complain Sunday for defamation following these “charges outrageous”.

“It would be very helpful if M me Sandra Bertin are interviewed by investigators and could produce their identities and functions of people it puts case, it evokes mails and their content. “

” The charges are unworthy of that day are part of the following virulent polemics that some elected Nice wished maintain and feed every day since the terrible attack of July 14 “, the statement of the Ministry of interior

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Speaking a process of “transparency and truth” , Bernard Cazeneuve had announced Thursday the opening of an internal investigation carried out by the General Inspectorate of the national Police (IGPN), whose findings should be unveiled next week.

“this administrative investigation” Police fonts “will establish the reality of this device, while unnecessary controversy continues “ Cazeneuve said in a statement .


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