Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thirteen years later, Nicolas Sarkozy returns to double punishment – Le Figaro

SCAN THE POLICY – Thirteen years after reducing the application of double jeopardy, the president of the Republicans proposed to harden this device

it was a reform which he was” proud “. In 2003, Nicolas Sarkozy reduced dratistiquement the application of double punishment, for expelling the territory of convicted foreigners. At the time, during a debate on France 2, he was bouncing on a news Isère saying its refusal to implement double punishment to the individual in question. “He had a French wife and five children French. The expulsion would have led to appoint five orphans and a woman without her husband. Why should I, when I am Interior Minister, to bring punishment on the one who has nothing to do? That is to say the kid or wife. Why I can be firm? Because I’m right, “said the then interior minister. The future head of state wanted to rule out the double penalty for those who “are in France from a young age, who spent all their lives, who have no ties to Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia.”

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Thirteen years later, Nicolas Sarkozy changed his tone. Since then, several Islamist attacks in which already convicted foreigners are involved, have struck France. And right relief double penalty 2003 is pointed. “It is necessary to immediately deport any alien convicted of terrorism, that the reform of double jeopardy in 2003 has never stopped,” defends the boss of Republicans in an interview published in Le Monde dated Thursday. Nicolas Sarkozy added: “We must go further. It is clear that the security situation has nothing to do. In 2003, the conditions of application of the double penalty had been amended to reflect European bonds on family life. “

” We must go further “

“Today, it is those EU provisions which must be adapted because it is essential that any alien convicted of a crime or an offense and sentenced to more than five years imprisonment or systematically expelled, “he complete.

In his political family, some elected officials do not meet can be part of this turnaround. Some claim a double very stiff penalty that applies to any conviction, however minor it may be. “Go in the US, you find in US courts, convicted for acts of violence. You know what will happen? You will be transferred from the United States with a lifetime ban from American soil, “said Tuesday the deputy RS Thierry Solère in” Informed “of France info.

In his interview World , Nicolas Sarkozy also reviews other grievances. The late general information? “I deleted the background information on the political and union of their research. Never on general information and, of course, not the terrorist aspect, “he says. The decline in police numbers? “When I left office, all indicators of crime were down, now all are on the rise. It simply is not a question of numbers, but the organization of services and criminal policy, “challenge the boss of LR.


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