Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ten Facts to remember Thursday morning, up to 28 ° in Haute-Loire – The Awakening of the Haute-Loire

SECOND jihadist – Investigators have recovered the track Tuesday of the second assailant. It leads to Abdel Malik P., 19, born and living in the Vosges in Savoy, they found the identity card during a search in the first assailant, Adel Kermiche, a French 19 years. According to a source close to the investigation, the coordination of counter-terrorism unit (UCLAT) had issued 22 July a note in which she said she received information about an individual “who would be willing to participate in an attack on the national territory, “accompanied by a picture of a man resembling” strongly “Abdel Malik P. organization Islamic State released the video showing the declaration of allegiance of the two assassins.

tHE REPUBLIC mET – the head of State, several members of his government, presidents of the two chambers of the tenors opposition … the Republic met Wednesday night at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, the heart of french Catholicism, in homage to the slain priest in his church. Representatives of Muslim worship, Jewish, Protestant and Orthodox had also taken place in the imposing nave which contained 1,500 people. François Hollande came out of the cathedral to the side of Cardinal Vingt-Trois. Both were applauded

FLOWERS TO CHURCH -. Faithful and locals with flowers and candles, have succeeded in the early evening on Wednesday front of the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray to pay tribute to father Jacques Hamel, after the lifting of the security perimeter. The place of worship, where the 86 year old priest was killed Tuesday during mass by two jihadists, remained inaccessible, surrounded by security barriers. Police roadblocks that prevented access to the court had been raised in the late afternoon, but riot police remained stationed in the immediate vicinity of the building.

CONTROVERSY IN NICE – the security device deployed on the promenade des Anglais in Nice on the evening of 14 July “was not undersized,” said Wednesday the head of the IGPN Marie-France-Moneger Guyomarc’h after making his report, deemed insufficient by the elected LR Christian Estrosi. The investigation confirmed the number of national police (64) and municipal (42) made to ensure the safety of the festivities. This figure of national police had been challenged by Christian Estrosi

“THE WORLD IS AT WAR” -. Pope Francis has printed a dark tone for his visit to Poland, following the murder of a priest in France, saying that the world was experiencing a “war of interests, money, resources” but “no religion”. “All religions want peace, it is the others who want war,” said the Pope on the plane before landing in Krakow where expecting hundreds of thousands of young Catholics from around the world gathered for World Youth Day (WYD)

aTTACK iN SYRIA . – at least 44 people were killed Wednesday in the Syrian city with a Kurdish majority of Qamishli in a suicide attack conducted with a truck bomb, claimed by the Islamic State group (EI), saying the raids meet antijihadistes coalition supporting the Kurdish forces. State media reported a balance of “44 dead and 140 injured, several seriously wounded”

ABDESLAM -. The detainee most watched France Salah Abdeslam only member still alive commando attacks of November 13, Thursday to request the State Council to suspend its implementation under video surveillance by invoking a serious infringement of his privacy. Dismissed his application at first instance by the Administrative Court of Versailles, Abdeslam seized a judge in chambers for an emergency procedure, therefore, the highest administrative court to obtain satisfaction. Abdeslam, 26, is held in solitary confinement in Fleury-Merogis (Essonne), in a specially equipped cell under constant surveillance cameras

PHYSICIANS . – Two unions Liberals doctors gave Wednesday agreed in principle to a new five-year agreement providing to upgrade the consultation with a general 25 euros as of May 2017, the other three booking their response to late August. “The negotiation is closed,” said the Director General of the Health Insurance Nicolas Revel, at the end of the meeting around midnight. Stressing an effort “extremely important and which has no precedent”, he wished “to see the five unions gathered August 26″ for signing.

APPLE – US computer company Apple announced on Thursday it had sold more than a billion iPhone, all models since the 2007 launch of this smartphone, which is still its flagship device. The iPhone has shown in recent years the bulk of revenues and profits of the Apple brand

43 WEATHER -. Bright sunshine Thursday morning, some cloudy in the afternoon program. Temperatures: from 14 to 28 ° on the basins of the Puy and Brioude, 11 and 24 ° in Yssingeaux. Have a good day.


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