Monday, July 25, 2016

Death of Adama Traoré: Beaumont awaits “truth and justice” – Le Parisien

The family of the deceased man during his arrest in the Val-d’Oise calls for calm while clashes continued Saturday night. The full autopsy report will be unveiled this week.

D es and military police crisscross the land, cars ablaze, residents who are exasperated and questioning, haunting: what has really happened this Tuesday, July 19 lorsqu’Adama Traoré died on his way to the gendarmerie after his arrest? The inhabitants of Beaumont-sur-Oise (Val-d’Oise) celebrated that day its 24 th anniversary. A death at the end of a hot day, and the police quickly attributed to discomfort, while his relatives immediately denounced a burr.

The full autopsy report has be revealed this week. Last Thursday, the prosecutor of Pontoise unveiled the initial findings of the forensic forensic institute in Garches (Hauts-de-Seine) did not identify any “significant signs of violence” on the body Adama young man had died of a “very serious infection, affecting several organs.” Terms that have not failed to raise the anger of his relatives, who said the very healthy. “There is not to question the work of forensic, countered the prosecutor, Yves Jannier. There are everyday healthy people who die in the morning and at noon, or footballers collapsing on the pitch. “

The final report should specify what truly caused the death, relying on various blood tests. But relatives of Adama had already called against-autopsy be performed in stride by a panel of experts. “It is not said that the first report ment, only wish there were more medical opinion,” said the family’s lawyer, M th Zajac. This is a judge who will tell if accessing or not this request.

VIDEO. The family of Adama Traoré want justice

Since Tuesday, the violence has not stopped in the original area of ​​Adama, the city Boyenval in Beaumont, or in sensitive areas neighboring towns. A town hall, a school, a library have been targeted, but also police: nine policemen and a police officer were wounded by pellet guns shots. In all, 28 people were arrested, according to the prefecture of the Val-d’Oise.

Friday, a march was attended by nearly 2000 people who demanded “truth and justice for Adama.” In the procession, the distrust of authorities, insulting the police. “What say the police and the gendarmerie, I do not believe, any more than justice,” explained Touf, 37. The next day, a rally organized by the collective Black Lives Matter France, inspired by the one born in the United States denouncing the racist police violence, brought together a thousand people at the Châtelet (Paris I st ).

Except that Beaumont, unlike some American case, no video of the death of Adama has circulated. The family has also launched an appeal for witnesses. Because originally, it was one of his brothers, Bagui, which was controlled in the context of proceedings for extortion and assault. He was arrested without incident while Adama fled before being caught. Hours later, Bagui explained seeing his dead brother lying in the police and military with a bloody shirt.

This weekend, several stars (the actor Omar Sy, rappers Youssoupha Kery James and …) have mobilized to support Adama and his family. The case also reacted policies. The SP has called for “transparency on the circumstances of this tragedy.” Meanwhile, the family of the young man continues to launch appeals quiet neighborhoods.

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VIDEO. Fifth night of tension in Beaumont-sur-Oise


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