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The difficult reform of Islam in France – Le Dauphiné Libéré

The debate on the organization of the Muslim Faith and the financing of mosques in France was revived after the attacks of Nice and Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Manuel Valls does not want imams trained abroad. “I wish that the imams are trained in France and not elsewhere,” he said in an interview with Le Monde published yesterday. The Prime Minister also requested the judgment at least temporary foreign funding for the construction of mosques.

“We need a complete overhaul and invent a new relationship with Islam in France,” says Manuel Valls . The task is difficult because the Muslim religion is not centralized and has no hierarchical clergy.

The rector of the Great Mosque of Paris also calls for institutional reform of Islam. Dalil Boubaker believes it is time for Muslims to “be aware of what’s wrong.” The former president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) asks Muslims of France training imams “much more careful”.

Only 20 to 30% of French imams are

Only 20 to 30% of imams have French nationality and 300 of the 2,500 imams are funded by foreign states, including Algeria, Morocco and Turkey. A report of the Senate of July 4 advocates “to be trained to run exclusively in France at certified centers.”

The failure to build an Islam of France is an obstacle to the fight against radicalization and the eviction of radical preachers. Founded in 2003, the CFCM, supposed to represent French Muslims, is weakened by infighting and its authority is challenged. His theological penalty council to provide religious against speech facing the jihadi propaganda.

A composition as in Alsace and Moselle?

According to Le Canard chained, the Minister of interior Bernard Cazeneuve would consider a form of compromise with Islam – which he denied yesterday – as exists in Alsace and Moselle for all religions. “The arrangement does not have the legal tools to address the problems of the Muslim Faith. The measure could even turn against Muslims by stigmatizing, “said the Senate report on Islam in France.

Yesterday, Christian Estrosi taken literally Manuel Valls. First Deputy Mayor of Nice and President of the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur asked to close a niçoise mosque financed by Saudi Arabia and authorized by the prefect in early July after the green light from the Council of State, against the advice of the town hall.

the role of foreign states in the financing of mosques is however marginal. Financing for Muslim worship is similar to that of the Catholic religion. It comes to 80% of the faithful donations. Some have floated the idea of ​​a tax on the halal industry – a market of five billion euros – to finance the Muslim faith. But it’s a real sea serpent

No drift due to radical sermons in Arabic

The Senate report belies a fantasy. That of a radical drift due to sermons Arabic in the mosques. “The risk of radicalization in mosques or under the influence of preaching is pretty minimal. In reality, the radicalization mainly operates outside places of worship, prisons or the Internet, “says the report.

The example of the mosque in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray seems instructive. Adel Kermiche, co-author of the attack on the church was forbidden to stay since he was radicalized and that he had wanted to visit Syria. “If these kids were coming to pray five times a day and listen to the sermon at the mosque, they would understand what Islam is and we do not happen to these tragedies,” suggests Mohamed Karabila, the Regional Chair the Muslim Faith (CRCM) and the mosque in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray.

His association committed to the fight against radicalization, however, had failed when she tried to return the terrorist to the future right way.


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