Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DIRECT – Priest killed in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray: Francois Hollande receives representatives of religions – Le Figaro

In an interview with World , former president reacts to the murder of Jacques Hamel.

o More transparency
“We must change our perspective in response to Islamist terrorism, “says the boss of Republicans. “I can not accept the application of intellectual patterns of the past to today’s reality,” said Nicolas Sarkozy, asking that “any light [is] made” on “the judicial course of these terrorist on the monitoring means and the assessment of the dangerousness of these individuals. ” “The government will have to answer the question: how stuck individuals, one on probation for trying to go for jihad in Syria, were left free to commit such an attack?”

<. p> o the safety device in Nice
Nicolas Sarkozy also back on the attack in Nice and the controversy that followed the safety device. Here again, it requires clarification and truth, for the families of the victims and all the French. “Totally conflicting versions were exposed (…)”, he explains. If the investigation were to contradict the government’s version, former president considers it would then be a “state lie” from the executive.

o Assign the residences stuck S

Nicolas Sarkozy also proposes to change the current legal framework. It proposes the arrest of people stuck S, or, “for the most dangerous, placement in a detention center.” “All the people who are now under judicial control for terrorist acts should be remanded in custody and not left in freedom,” added the former president. “Our system must protect potential victims rather than the likely perpetrators of a future attack” , he justifies. “There is in this war we committed, the innocent, the guilty and a gray area, with those who have not yet taken action.” He justifies this “intellectual development”: “If democracies do not defend the citizens, the citizens will challenge democracy”

o A double penalty for aliens convicted for a criminal offense.
for the owner of the Republicans, it is “essential to immediately deport any alien convicted of terrorism, that the reform of double jeopardy in 2003 has never stopped.” It is therefore necessary, he said, “go further”: “ In 2003, the conditions of application of the double penalty had been amended to reflect European bonds on family life today. it is these European provisions must be adapted as it is essential that any alien convicted of a crime or an offense and sentenced to more than five years in prison or expelled systematically . “


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