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Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray on the second man track – The World

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the organization Islamic State (EI) released Wednesday, July 27, through QAMA agency, its propaganda organ, an allegiance video of two men presented as the authors of the attack yesterday against the church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray (Seine-Maritime). Hand in hand, the two young men swear allegiance for one minute to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the organization.

Marital status of the man who speaks in Arabic on left of the screen has been established: it is Kermiche Adel, 19, one of the killers of the church, identified on Tuesday evening by their DNA

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the accompanying silence has not been formally identified. But investigators are convinced: this is probably a certain Abdel Malik P., a Savoyard 19, suspected of being the second church killer

threat against the country

This young man also resembles strongly to actively wanted suspect since Friday, three days before the attack in Saint Etienne du Rouvray. Services had indeed been alerted to this point by a source abroad that a man, to the unknown identity, was about to strike in France, as revealed RTL.

the coordination of anti-terrorist Unit (UCLAT) has been distributed on Friday to all services – police, gendarmerie and customs – a listing reproduce his photo titled “Threat against the national territory “

This information, as Le Monde was able to consult, said. ” The individual (…) would be willing to participate in an attack on the country. It is already present in France and could act alone or with others. The date, the target and modus operandi of these actions are known at this time. Investigations are currently underway to identify and locate. “

Operation digital data

Soon the intelligence services use all the tools at their disposal to try to put a name to this face . Sunday, July 24, during an administrative search warrant on a man whom a “S” form, they get their hands on a video in a phone.

On the screen, a man closely resembling the photo Record the UCLAT allegiance, only this time, the IU. He wears the same striped shirt, and it is not excluded that the photo of his description was extracted from this film.

This video was shared allegiance to a private group secure messaging Telegram, which man belongs to be searched, said a source close to the investigation. Since July 21, and the ratification of the third extension of the state of emergency, declared after the assassination of Nice, which occurred on July 14, services have the right to exploit the digital data seized during searches administrative

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a curious puzzle

Not Found since Friday despite his description, the man is probably spent in the act three days later in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray accompanied by Adel Kermiche. But his identification takes time, and the second terrorist killed by police in front of the church is not easy to identify: disfigured by a ball, he is not in any font file

. investigators are still convinced that this is Abdel Malik P., 19, a native of Aix-les-Bains (Savoie). Shortly after the attack, they have discovered the parental home of Adel Kermiche an identity card in the name of the young Savoyard. Several telephony elements suggest that the two men were in contact shortly before the facts.

But Abdel Malik P., although targeted since late June with a “S” statement of the Security Bureau indoor (ISB) for trying to win Syria, is unknown to the police, which therefore have neither its papillary fingerprints nor his DNA profile.

the investigators are in possession, since Tuesday of three elements, they suspect they designate a single man: a face without a body, a name on an ID and a photo without name, that transmitted by a foreign service. A curious puzzle in question to piece together.

The genetic profile of the mother of Abdel Malik P. was taken on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday and should soon allow to confirm that it is the second killer of the church of Saint Etienne du Rouvray. “We seek to formally establish the link between a corpse, a picture and a name. This is probably the same man, but only allows DNA to be sure “ says an investigator

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